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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Darn, It's cold

For us anyway. Woke up this morning to 50 degrees outside! Concidering it was 80 just a day or two ago, that's cold for me!

Princess "Runningfox", of the Discovery Elementary tribe! Isn't she cute???

Work has been the usual debacle. Too many people wanting what they can't have. But I did get a chance to talk to the District Manager about that new "policy" that I mentioned in my last post. After some debate, he came to see my point. ( I was told later that Tom had warned him about my "little threat" to have the customers call him!) So we've sort of straightened it out to our mutual satisfaction. For my part, I will try to obtain the drugs from other stores first, but if we can't- THEN I'm allowed to order them from our other sources. Perfectly acceptable to me! Common sense wins! Yeah for the good guys!

Tom's last day is next Wednesday. BUMMER! But that's the way things go in retail. People come, go, and transfer all the time. I just wish he had waited until after the holidays to leave. But such is life- you don't always get what you want. I just hope we don't get an idiot to replace him, because we'll hear it from the customers. And because I've been there so long- I'm one of the ones they'll come crying to. I hate that, since I really don't have any control over decisions made by the head Pharmacist. I can make suggestions until I'm blue in the face, but it's their license on the line, and therefore, their decision. BLEH! Somehow, I have the feeling that December is going to be a very wrough month.

I'm working tomorrow, but I'm off the rest of the weekend. So I'll be around here to have a little fun. And as you all probably know, I sent out my addy for the annual "Christmas card" fun. If you missed it, and wish to be involved, just click on my profile on the sidebar, and send me you addy. I will be getting my cards this weekend, so hopefully I'll get some done as well. In the meantime:

May you all have a great Thanksgiving. If your driving- Drive carefully! If your drinking- DON'T DRIVE! And have a wing or a leg for me, since I doubt the good stuff will be left by the time I get off and we get to the BIL's!
Peace, Love and Turkey for all! KC

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