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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, Back to work today..

And 4 days in hell. Not really, but sometimes stupid people really get to me. And I'm not even counting the addicts, the "moochers"( I could do a whole rant on those!) and such. And now that the "powers that be" ( who are they- really? Anyone know?) have decided that 3/4ths of the cold/cough medications must be stored in the Pharmacy, life has been a big "bitchfest"!

You see, it seems that they use the Pseodoephedrine( sp?) to make crystal Meth. Which is not a good thing, granted. But they did have in place a block on the registers, that only allowed one package to be sold at any given time. Now it's all back in our pharmacy. Which would be ok, if we were open the same hours as the store. But we open 1 hour later in the mornings ( 8am, instead of 7am) and Saturday and Sunday we are only open 'til 6pm, whereas the store is open until 10pm. I cannot begin to tell you the complaints we get about people coming in looking for cold meds, while the pharmacy is closed. ..." how can you call yourselves a 'drug store' if we can't get the drugs we need", " you people are false advertising- you should be reported.." YADA YADA!
The thing is- these meds have been used ( AND ABUSED) for various reasons throughout time. Cough syrups for their "liquor" or just to put people to sleep. Nasal sprays, ( YES- they can be addicting. I had a guy once that came in and bought 10 packages a week of that stuff!) all of it.
And the fact is, your not going to stop these people from getting the stuff. They'll just come back again and again. Or hit multiple drugs stores. Meanwhile, we all get the crap! Oh well, such is life.

On to another topic: the "pictures" ;-)
I was thinking about this last night. I don't mind putting those "Dark Hunter" pictures up here. Heck, I'm female, and I have a pulse- so don't think I don't enjoy them as well! But I don't want to "offend" my male readers. So a poll for you all- Keep them, or stop? I'll go with the majority here on this, so any of you guys that read my blog had better speak up! Or perhaps, I could just post them on a specific day of the week ( as I do my Friday Funny). That way my male readers can just steer clear on that day. I'll go with all of you on this. I have the books, if not the pictures :-)

Well, I'd better get my sorry behind in gear. I have to be in at 11am, and I have yet to take my shower, and get dressed. I'm just hoping that my package from Amazon is here when I get home ( a certain DVD that was released today!) It was supposedly shipped last Friday, and that would DEFinately be a great way to unwind tonight! I work the early shift tomorrow, so I'll probably see you back here tomorrow evening. Oh, and maybe I too will join the "driving video" craze. If I can figure out how it's posted ( I signed up for the service, I've just never done it before).
You all have a great day- Peace and Love, KC

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