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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Food overload!

So, we went to Jon's holiday party last night. WOW! I have never- in my life- seen so much food as I did at this restarant! A salad bar fit for a king, and guy's running around with skewers filled with every kind of meat imaginable! Oh, and that little appetizer of "Argentinean Lobster Tail"? The size of most dinner portions I've had!!! The place is called "Texas de Brazil", and apparently it's a chain ( though I've never heard of it lol) If you ever get the chance to go- do! But don't eat for about 3 days in advance! Jon and I both woke up this morning with what can only be described as a "food-hangover". I've just had 1/2 a bagle today, and trust me- I'm still not hungry! Wonderful time though- everyone had a blast!

Today I've been doing the normal- Laundry, vacuuming etc. But we did manage to get the Christmas decorations up outside. I just have a little "adjusting" to do in the livingroom, and the tree can go up this week. I've been a lazy bum most of the day- My present to me! And I have a Dr. appointment in the morning before work. With Dr. N, my Oncologist. Just a check up, so I'm not too worried. I figured I wouldn't have time to post tomorrow, so I figured I do it tonight. Shrimp dinner- and the Leps on TV! What a great evening! I'll post pictures of our decorations sometime this week, once I get the tree done. I just thought I'd touch base with you all, and let you know I'm thinking about you.
You all have a great week! I'll be back soon!
Peace, Love and Cake to all! KC :-)

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