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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


and with my "real" tower! The first "gift" of the season! Although you wouldn't know it by my attention to this thing the last few days! But with Christmas, and company in town, this is the first chance ( small though it is!) to even get on here!

Our Christmas was good. The "Eve" was spent wrapping, and going to the BIL's for a little pre- X-mas cheer. Then at 7am- 3 kids jump on my bed screaming " IT'S CHRISTMAS!! GET UP MOM!!!!" lol! And with that- the marathon that is my holidays. Opening gifts here, then over to Mom's, then winding up at the river BIL's for dinner. We all had a great day, and I will let you all know about the "booty" at another time. But I don't have any pictures. It seems that in the chaos that was the day, my camera was broken! So I'll have to replace it. Not that I'm really upset about it, since it was a true "accident". I actually got a digital for Becky that was MUCH better than mine, and it was WAAAAYYYY cheaper! So I'll replace it after the next payday.

Having the tower back has given me back some "peace of mind" as well. You see, I get all my bills, and keep track of the finaces on this thing. And since I couldn't get to my e-mail- I got none of my bills! So I got into a bit of a pickle when on Friday before Christmas I recieved a few "pay me or else!" notes in the mail! Rushing around that day paying things before I was in BIG trouble! So live and learn. I'm going to have to set up an e-mail that I can access from any computer ( just in case!) for my bills to go to! I guess my MSN one will do, until I find another one.

Work is well, work! It's actually been rather slow this week. But that's good, we've been able to catch up on stuff we've been neglecting in the rush! But we still had to close early yesterday- so no doubt today will be nuts. A lot of the Dr's offices are closed this week, so that helps! And I am NOT looking forward to all the changes that hit on Jan 1. between the "normal" changes in insurance for people, compounded by "asshat's" new Medicaire plans, means the first few weeks of January will be nothing short of a disaster! I swear, our customers are calling up, asking US what plan they should sign up for??? Do I look like your mother? Your financial advisor? NO! I give them the info we have, but they want someone else to make the decision. I guess that's so they have someone ELSE to blame when it sucks! Well, let me tell you something- the Pharmacists, Drug store, and such associations voted AGAINST this bill for good reason: IT SUCKS! Period, end of discussion! So here we go, into a new level of hell.
( Sorry, this is my life right now!)

I work the late shift tomorrow ( that is, if we have a pharmacist to work it- we didn't when I left yesterday!) so I will have more time to let you know what's been happening. But I figured I'd better post here today, so you all didn't think I'd fallen off the planet or something. I'll be back soon with more!
Have a great day!
Peace and Love, KC!

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