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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Partridge family revisited??

Or how I spent my Christmas! Because the theme of the day was DEFinately music. You see, we already had a piano ( mine) and 2 guitars ( mine and Andy's) in the house. Now we have 3 ( Becky)! Along with an electronic Drum Kit ( Andy). Yes, that's right- even Kimmie got a shirt that said "lead singer" lol! So with the exception of Jon, we all got something having to do with music. Actually- Jon got a Led Zepplin T-shirt, so I guess all of us did. I got a clock/radio/I-Pod player for my bedroom. So I can "blast" my music, or be woken up by any of the stuff on my player. I also got my wish-list item. A DVD/VCR burner combo! So once I get the darn thing hooked up, I can edit/burn all those DL preformances I have stored on my DVR! Once I do- I will take orders ;-)

Aside from all the ususal stuff ( clothes, underwear, goofy toys!) Becky got a digital camera and a new stereo. Andy got his drums, and a cell phone. Kimmie got a whole passle of "little pets" and a huge petshop to play with them. And a little kid's Karaoke/dancemat thingy. I got Jon a complete weather station. All kinds of barometers and wind/rain gauges that he can hook up outside and read inside. Too cool for words! So "Santa" was very good to us this year.

On to other things. Sabrina's last day is today. She is going to work for Tom at his new store. I *knew* this would happen when I heard he was leaving. It's not like she's been at Walgreens long enough to have any ties to the place. And since she's going to school for something non-pharmacy related, I don't expect her to make a career of this. But that does leave the senior tech position open again. I haven't heard anything, except that someone *heard* that the new pharmacist is wanting to bring someone in from another store that she knows. I'll be honest- I'm not sure if I want the job. It requires me going back to a full 40 hours a week, and to be on call if needed. And I'm not sure the raise in pay is enough to compensate for all that. But I DO know that I'll be pissed if I'm not at least offered the position. I mean- it's not like I haven't been there for- Oh, AGES! And that I'm not qualified! But that may be a moot point. I'll just have to wait and see. But with her gone, there's going to be another hole in the staff. Which will only make our jobs that much harder. *sigh*.

One other thing I wanted mention. I know I told you all about my "tower" getting fixed. Well something's happened since I got it back , and I spent much of this morning trying to find out why- and possibly find a "fix". Before it crashed, when I use my scroll-wheel to go down a page, it appeared to just "slide down smoothly" like sliding a piece of paper . Now, it goes down in "rolling waves"- which is annoying to my eyes. Not on all pages ( like haloscan or my favorites bar or such) but on the big/main pages. I've been to various "help" sites ( Hp, Microsoft, etc) to see if there is a reason/fix. And yes- I've checked/played with all the mouse settings I can find! But it just keeps on "rolling". Which, if I scroll long enough- makes me dizzy! So if any of you have any ideas- I'm all ears!

And since I work the late shift today- I'd better get moving! I still have the kitchen to clean up- and my livingroom still looks like a bomb hit. I have tomorrow off, and I've already informed the family that we WILL get the livingroom straightened out by tomorrow- or I'm going to go live in a cave somewhere! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the first room you see as you walk in the house! I HATE coming home, walking in the door and literally cringing! So something has to be done and quick!
Well, I'll get back to you all tomorrow! Have a great day all!
Love and Peace, KC!

** edit to add**
I also am noticing that when I type- the letters kind-of "stutter" on to the page as I type- instead of the norm. Jeez- what did they do to this thing?????

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