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Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, this is interesting!

As I have found out that just switching "towers" is not a just a job- but an adventure! As I lay in bed last night, I mentioned to Jon that since this one had not been hooked up to the internet for almost 2 years, it may need some "help". Well, boy- Was I in for it! 68 Microsoft updates, a "Pandascan" that took about an hour! And of course, my anti-virus had not been updated in all that time, so off to buy some! Jeez, I've been on this thing working since 8 am, and am just now getting on here! And that doesn't even cover the fact that I have none of my bookmarks- so bear with me until I find you all!

The Geek Squad has also called this morning. It seems that the video card is the culprit on the other system. So they have to send it out to be fixed. 2 weeks ( they said) or possibly less. She said that the average time has been a week, but I'll believe it when I get it back! But the good news is- since I spent the money on the warranty- IT'S FREE!!!! So that was a good buy after all.

Unfortunately, it also means that I have none of my stuff on here. No pictures, graphics, etc. And since this is a temporary situation, I'm not going to go through all the trouble of uploading it all on here. After all, this is really the Kid's computer, and would ultimately be a waste of space. And this particular tower doesn't really have the space to spare. So you will forgive me if my posts for the next little bit lack the "eye-candy". And since all my "Funnies" are in my other e-mail account ( which I still can't figure out how to access-HRUMPF) I will be unable to provide them until everything is back to normal. If you wish to e-mail me, I do have an old addy that I can still use- kjfine1061@msn.com . That's my oldy, but goody. So until I tell you otherwise, send my mail there. And some of your addresses are in there as well. I hadn't quite gotten done transfering them all. So bear with me if some of your cards are running a little late. I may have to wait until I recieve YOURS, and then get your addy off the envelope! As if I don't have enough stress this time of year!

Well, speaking of cards- I'd better get to them! I had to work all weekend, and so I set aside today for cards and decorations. And I'll post pics when I can. I hope you all are having an easier week that I am! Until later:
Peace and Love, KC!

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