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Thursday, December 01, 2005

You know- I don't know why I bother.

I got home last night- already depressed with the fact that Tom's leaving. And as I walk through the front door, I see my livingroom looks like World War III had taken place! Why do they do this? Why does Jon let them? He's here, on the computer checking out "his" sites, while my house is in the hands of the "wrecking crew". I hate coming home from work, walking in the door, and becoming my own worst nightmare! I hate having to spend the first 1/2 hour begging/pleading/screaming at the kids to "clean up this mess"! Please tell my I'm not the only one that goes through this!!! After all that, it's still a mess. And I'm not cleaning it up! They'll have to do it tonight- they have their orders! I backed off of them a little last night because....

Andy's big Science project is due tomorrow. And as I work the closing shift ( 2pm-10pm) today, I won't be home to help. So we did the lion's share last night. Jon is not good at all on this thing. Andy, well, you all have seen his spelling lol! And Becky had enough homework of her own. So it's "Mom to the rescue" once again. Thankfully, from having played on this thing for the past year, I've gotten a handle on html, graphics, Works, and such. So Andy just typed what he wanted said, then I came in and "dressed it up". And I did manage to find a site on-line that makes wonderful graphs for kids! So all they need to do tonight is place all that stuff on his display board. So long as they don't do something stupid, like paste something on upside=down, it should be presentable! And I asked Becky to keep an eye on them doing it- she's got an artistic sense, so she'll keep it looking good!

Tom loved his party, and the gifts we gave him. I'm just worried now about who they're going to send to replace him. Nothing concrete has been decided, but the rumors are flying fast and furious! On person mentioned is one that- truth be told- I will NOT work for. If this man ( I'll call him "G" ) is picked- I'm asking for a transfer. "G" is from the middle east, and is NOT a respecter ( is that a word?) of women in the workforce. How he managed to survive in retail around here is a mystery to me. And the few times I've worked with him, he's managed to piss off many of our customers. I just don't need that in my life- PERIOD! I've stated that opinion to our store Manager, and he knows I'm serious. I mean, I'm a fairly easy-going person ( at least, I try to be. In retail, it's a major + ) But I have been through enough in the last few years to realize I don't need the stress. I can no doubt find another Walgreens in this area that would take me. And if not- I'll go elsewhere. My health, my family, and my SANITY comes first. We'll just have to see what shakes down in the next week or so. I'll let you all know. I hate this feeling though.

I'll probably have to go out shopping tomorrow with my Mom. She's determined to get the kids' Christmas gifts early. I'm not really looking forward to it, since she's still in a cast, and can't walk much. I wonder if I can convince her to "E-Shop"? Probably not. She won't go near a computer if she can help it! And the other thing I hate about this is that she has NO ideas of her own. She just goes to the store, and let's me pick out all the stuff. Which is fine, but by the time we're done, she's virually stolen all MY ideas for gifts! Then when it comes time for ME to shop- I'm clueless! And since I've told everyone we're not getting alot this year, I'm going to be hard pressed to come up with stuff. Oh well, I'll figure it out- I always do!

Well, I'm going to go catch up with you all. And I'm planning for the weekend. Christmas decorations and cards will be "my tasks" this time! And I will get them done! This month is not going any slower, and I'll probably be busyier as it goes along! So have a good day today!
Peace and Love, KC!

P.S.- VH1Classic has "Hysteria- The Def Leppard Story" on tonight at 9pm- for those who haven't heard ;-)!

P.S.S.- I just checked the mail- and my license FINALLY showed up! I'm legal once again- WHEW!

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