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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"I need a bigger hose!"

My favorite phrase in the past few days. It's because it seems my lot in life/work is to put out all the "fires" that seem to pop up! Insurance at work, computer at home. I swear, they ( co-workers and family) are driving me crazy! If I went away, would everything fall apart? The way things have been going- probably lol!

First- work. Yesterday was just plain bizarre! I had one customer threaten to kill me, one threatened to take me to court! Not that it was my fault, mind. But they wouldn't/couldn't do that to their insurance- so I was the "whooping post" du jour! Then the fight that broke out in the drive-thru. I kid you not- 2 women started screaming at each other- one in each lane- and one got out of her car and started pounding on the other's car! Can you say 9-1-1? And the "poundee" had a little kid ( maybe 1 yrs old, if that) in her car with her! We sent out one of our asst. Managers ( he who is a semi-pro basketball player and 6 ft 8 in!) to try to calm them down until the police got there. I didn't see too much of the ruckus, as I was on the phone with miss "I'mgonnasueyourass" at the time. But the noise was enough to impress! All this, ladies and gentlemen, before lunch! Needless to say nerves were frayed around the pharmacy, so Miss Smartmouth ( that would be me, btw ) came out with something about everyone taking their "pissy-pills" that morning. Got a good laugh going with that one, and everyone relaxed! But the day was just too weird for words.

Then home to the general cussing over the computer. Jon and Andy complaining that when we had the computer fixed, they screwed up the video card. Apparently some of their games won't work. Well, after some questions to both, it seemed that the problem was a program called "directx10"? Anyhow, I spent this morning surfing around, and it seems there was a patch/upgrade to said program while the computer was off at the shop. Well, no wonder the darn thing isn't working. So I spent this morning upgrading/installing/patching the darn thing. Would they think to go to the Microsoft website to see if that was the case ( we have Windows XP on this thing)-- NOT IN THIS LIFETIME! So hopefully that will solve that problem. I'm not going 3 weeks again without a decent computer. No way, no how, NOPE!

So such has been my life the last few days. And we've decided not to have a "Superbowl" party after all. I mean, most of the time, the game doesn't even start until 8-9 pm. Which means it doesn't end until after midnite. On a Sunday. When everyone has to get up at the asscrack of dawn the next day. So nope, no party for us. I'll just have to do my own personal celebration. It was also called to my attention that IF the Steelers play poorly- I'd have to be depressed in front of family and friends. At least, this way I only have to deal with Hubby and the kids. Much easier on my nerves. But I will be getting in touch with my other blog-buddy Steeler Fans ( Julie, Michele) and perhaps we can cry/celebrate together. I don't know how, but I'm thinking about it.

So today I'm gonna veg. Crochet a little, do some cleaning, and run some errands. And I've decided I'm gonna pick up a bunch of these for my customers, and some of my co-workers:

I think they'll be a BIG seller, don't you? lol!

Until later- Peace and Love ( and a little Prozac ;-) )

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