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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I guess things are solved- for now. Let me try and explain:

We have a new Pharmacy Manager, who I'll call "D" for now. D has worked for Walgreens before, although she left a few years ago and has now come back. I've worked with her before, and while I like her as a person, I didn't know whether she'd be good "manager" material. It seems, after the last 2 weeks, my suspicions were well founded.

First of all, she came in and re-arranged the pharmacy. Now, I would agree that some general cleaning had to be done ( and does get done when time allows). But she went NUTS! And then came the changes- to every little thing we did! She didn't give us any time to "acclimate" to each other, get to know one another- nothing! And since she's yet to be "trained" in how the pharmacy/computer/flow system works NOW ( as opposed to back when she worked with us before!) her changes DON'T WORK! But she doesn't understand that- CAUSE SHE'S NOT TRAINED YET! She's also made snap judgments about people I work with, as to their capabilities and temperaments that have a couple of them really pissed off. AND she's complaining about our customer service. D claims that we need to improve it immensely ( HER words) Now, I know it's been chaotic lately. But that is not our fault. Between the hell that is Medicare part d, and the loss of all but one ( myself!) experienced Techs, it will take some time to get back to normal. And we are- but she's not helping- she's CAUSING most of the problems herself! Rx's are not done on time- SHE's the one who's spending so much time on the piddly little paper details, that she's not doing her basic job!
Like reviewing the scripts on time so we can fill them and get them to the customers??( every day I've gone in, and if I get there at 11am, there are scripts still in a "entered" status in the computer with 10am times on them. Which means she hasn't even reviewed them to let us fill them. And the "10am" is the time the customer said they'd be there to pick them up????!!!!)

The "straw" that broke it was last Friday. We had an irate customer at the counter. Understandably pissed off about us screwing up her insurance (Done earlier by a very inexperienced tech & D!). I fixed everything, apologized, and got her a refund with the help of one of the asst. mgr's. Did she come down to handle the problem? Did she help calm the lady? NO! She hid in the corner the whole time! Left me hanging my arse out to dry! And right after that was when she started bitching about our customer service! BULLSHIT! I've been running around putting out fires since she's gotten here. And then came the clincher- A girl walked in, introduced herself as "S", and walked down to talk to D. I'd never seen her before ( she had on one of our vests however). About 10 minutes later, she turns to me with a snotty tone of voice- asking if I knew how to do my job??!!! WTF? Julie, our regular pharmacist had her back to S, and looking at me mouthed " who the F*ck is she????" I shrugged at Julie and told S that I was busy serving the customers. If she had a problem with that, she'd better explain why!( WHO did she think she was- walking into a new/unknown store, and jumping down my throat minutes later?) Then about 10 minutes later- D & S left. And we heard them talking about S being our senior pharmacy tech! ( never mind that they didn't ask me- which as ranking tech in the store is S.O.P.) I said to Julie- " If that's our new head tech- I am so OUT OF HERE! I'm not working for some stuck-up snob with a major attitude! The Asst. Manager that had been there earlier heard my statement, and came back to find out what was going on. And I lost it! I ranted for about 15 minutes, with Julie adding in stuff she'd seen/heard. Since Mr. P was off for the weekend, we were told to hang in until Monday, and tell him what's going on.

Which we did. And he just rolled his eyes, and shook his head with each incident that was relayed. After we were done, he told us not to worry- WE weren't going anywhere. If anyone was leaving- D was! So he called the district office, and the outcome is that "S" is NOT going to be our senior tech. She'd never been cleared to be so- and they were not going to! And that D had better straighten out herself, or she'd be history! So now we are waiting to see if that's the case. D did seem to be nicer/better the last few days. She even told me to let her know if she was messing up somewhere. But I'll reserve judgment to see if it lasts. I still don't think she has the "cajones" to be a manager. She was never good with confrontation of any sort ( that she didn't start herself!) So that's where things stand now. "wait and see" mode.

So you can see why I've been MIA lately. I've just been so wiped out with the crap/politics at work. I gave myself a little vacation from "reality" for a few days. And since I worked the 8-5 shift Monday and yesterday, I just didn't have it in me to fight with the kids/hubby for use of the computer. I knew I'd be off today, and could explain it all to you guys without some kid leaning over my shoulder. Or bugging me for a drink/food/something. I'll try not to let that happen again.

So on to other topics:


THREE MAJOR bad calls, and they still won! Scary! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster ride! I'm with Julie H.- I thought I'd have a heart attack ( or 2 or 3 or.....) before that game was over! One question though to those who are football savvy-
The play with the interception that wasn't. IF they had lost- and IF( as is now the case) the NFL has said it was indeed an interception- Do you think the steelers would have had any recourse? Would they have still- technically lost? Would they have had to play the game over? What do you think? Because if they had kept that interception- they would have won by 13+ points. Just something we were talking about yesterday at work. Any ideas?

Well, Andy just came home, and I still have to make a hotel reservation for the JBJ concert next month. I'm not going to go through what I did when we went down to Hollywood to see the Leps! So I'll get out of here. Take care, and I'll "see" you all tomorrow ( since I close the next 2 nights!)
Peace and Love, KC!

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