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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another one for me

One of six children, Vane holds a dangerous secret
that would get him killed if his pack ever
learned it. He is Fang's brother, & was born
of a forbidden union and has spent his life
trying to protect his siblings who were never
fully accepted by their patria. He is fully
aware of the fact that every minute he lives
will most likely be his last.Hunted by the Arcadians and condemned by the
Katagaria, Vane is resolute in his protection
of Fang and Vanya. He is a merciless soldier
who refuses to let anyone inside his wounded
heart. He learned a long time ago to reject
the world before it rejects him.

Which Dark-Hunter Would Be Yours???

Look at those eyes- you could drown in them!

Ok, back to the real world now ;-)

Well, this week has been a little weird. Tuesday I went into work, only to be called around 12:30 by my youngest's school. Seems she and a friend were horsing around and she smacked him on the face! So she was sent home from school. So much for work that day! And she's really sorry she did it- though she won't say why it happened. What has gotten into my kids lately??? Now I'm just waiting for something to happen with Andy. Sheesh- who's idea was it to have these kids anyway???? I know, I wouldn't give them up for the world, but sometimes.............!

And my Mom called Monday. Seems she has a nodule in her breast. So they want to biopsy it. Now, it's been there for over a year, and has neither grown or shrunk. So chances are very good that it's nothing. But having what happened to me in the back of both her and her drs. Mind- they're playing it safe. But she's not the patient sort, and all the "consultations" and visits to various specialists is pissing her off. I'm just afraid that she'll end up blowing it off, and that wouldn't be a good thing, you know?! So I spent yesterday ( my day off) running her around, making sure that all the right questions were asked. (Been there- Done that- Bought the Friggin' T- Shirt!) Everytime she got impatient, I just started saying; " Go ahead mom- ignore it, and then you have the 'pleasure' of Chemo and radiation- Just like me!" I think I got my point across. I hope I did!

So it's back to work today, then I have the rest of the week/weekend off. Because I had requested Friday off, to go to the JBJ concert. And by the time the crap hit the fan with Becky, the schedule was already made. So I'm gonna use it as a day with the Hubby. He's taking it off as well, and we're going to do some shopping. My clothes washer was making some banging noises last week, and since it's about 18 years old, I figure it's time to replace the darn thing. I had hoped to wait another week ( as our tax refund will be in by then!) But I'm just afraid that it will die on me with a load of clothes in it. And I just don't want to have to deal with that. Besides, there are no Laundromats near me- I'd have to drive across town to find one. So a-shopping we will go. I'm gonna go back to the place I got that deal on the dryer last summer. I should be able to get a good deal there (even if I HATE their commercials). Wish me luck!

So I'd better get dressed, and off to work. I just hope nothing else happens with the kids for awhile. I know they understand family comes first, but missing so many days in a 2 week period has got to piss them off. So keep your fingers crossed that my kids "tow the line" for a while!!

See you all later-
Peace and Love, KC

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