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Monday, February 27, 2006

Another week is here

And I'm gonna be a busy bee. So if I'm not around, you'll understand. I have to work 11-7pm everyday but Thursday, and that's the day we celebrate the youngest's 6th B-day. So I will have to spend that day cleaning ( as Mom will be over, along with hopefully the B & SIL) and all that goes with that.
My weekend was pretty good. I got my herb/veggie garden all replanted, did some weeding around the yard, and harvested the lemons off my tree. I have a Ponderosa lemon tree in the backyard, which puts out fruit almost year-round. Never heard of that type of lemon? Well, these are HUGE lemons. They are actually the size of grapefruit or larger, and have a very thick rind. But they make the BEST lemonade you've ever had:

I put the paperback beside it so you get an idea of the size!
They are less tart than regular lemons, so lemonade made from them requires less sweetener. But I got THREE paper grocery bags full this harvest, so I will take some to work with me to share. I don't mind, since if I drank that much lemonade, I'd probably pucker myself inside out! lol!

I also managed to buy Kimmie some B-day gifts, and one is a stuffed Minnie Mouse. Which I will give to her with a little card tucked into it's hands saying "see you REAL SOON!!" I think that will be a good way to let her know about our little trip, no? We haven't told her yet, since kids at her age aren't real good with time. She'll be getting up every morning asking if today is the day as it is! But since she' the one that's been asking FOREVER when we're going back, and the reason the whole idea came to be, it would be downright mean not to tell her.

Oh yea, and they tried to call me into work yesterday. Which means they must have been desparate, since there are others I work with asking for more hours ( which I am not!) But I had bought all those plants ( not to mention laundry, cleaning, etc!) and my next day off isn't until Thursday. So I said no- which means I may be walking into a mess today- cross your fingers for me. Mondays are hectic to begin with, this can only make it worse.

Speaking of which, I'd better get my "rear-in-gear". I have to make my lunch, and stop for gas. So I'll just wish you all a good day/week, and I'll try to get back here as soon as possible!

Peace and Love, KC

** P.S.- I got a really nice shirt in the mail Friday, I'll get a picture sometime soon so you all can see it! **
Hugs, KC

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