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Monday, February 13, 2006


Yes, I live in Florida ;-)! But we were not totally imune from the "No'easter" that hit the east coast yesterday. While I can not brag about the accumulation of snow, or white-out conditions, our temperatures down here are colder than it has been in several years ( 5 yrs, according to the morning weatherman). I woke up to a "balmy" 33 degrees, and those of us in the countys just north ( Janine!) are in the 20's. And tonight it's supposed to hard freeze here, which means I'm going to have to call home and make sure my tenderer ( is that a word?) plants/bushes are covered. It's something we know about down here. You use blankets/sheets to cover the tropical type plants ( or in my case, veggies/herbs!) so to trap the heat in. It has to be done late in the afternoon, so that they catch as much warmth as possible before you cover them. This is supposed to save them from freezing off and dying. I have one hibiscus bush that gets about 5 ft. high, only to be "frozen-back" every 5 years or so. Then I have to nurse it back to health for a year or so after. It was looking quite full and "fluffy" this past year, so I knew we'd get a good freeze again. Poor bush just can't catch a break!

And I know, you all that live in the north ( Jude, Lexy, Julie etc. ) are saying " KC, big whoopee! We've been that cold for months!" But you have to understand that 2 days ago I was sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt, with the windows open and temps. in the high 70's. You all get a chance to get "used" to the cold. We don't! I garantee you all that in the next 3 days, we'll be inundated with sick people at work. Because our bodies just don't get the chance to acclimate to the changes. And they say we'll be back up into the 80's by the end of the week. We also don't ( unless you've JUST moved down from up north) have the clothes for this type of weather. A case in point: Kimmie went to school this morning with a sweater/shirt, a jogging type jacket and her hooded jacket on. Because she has no "winter coat". I know- bad mother! But at their age ( Andy went to school with 2 sweatshirts on!) they grow out of clothes so fast, that to spend the money on a "winter coat" that they MAY wear once or twice before growing out of seems somewhat of a waste of money. So they get several coats of varying styles, and you just pile on the layers. This is the first time since she was a baby ( and then I just wrapped her in blankets lol!) That Kimmie actually NEEDED a winter coat. And it will probably be 5 more years before we get this kind of "cold" again. So until they get to the age/size that a coat like that would "last" a few years, it really doesn't pay to get them one. I know I don't own one either. I haven't in years! ( aside to you all- if you want me to visit, expect it to be in the summer months lol!) This type of cold just doesn't last- Thank goodness!!

As to my previous post ( last night) as you can see, what ever bug crawled up this computers...er...whatever seems to be gone. The best I can figure is that Andy tried to download an online game, which contained something bad. So after fighting this thing all day yesterday ( I had to system restore it to Feb 3rd 5 times for it to stick!! ) I've managed to win the battle. But we were truly worried some sort of virus had gotten in, even though Jon had said that Norton had "caught" a couple Saturday. But I know that none of these virus programs are perfect. I may have to look into a Mac for our next computer. From what I hear, they don't have these kinds of problems.

....( pause as phone rings)....

Well, I was going to say more, but I just got "the" call. Seems the early tech didn't show, so they've called me in early. So I have to go change shirts ( sweats are not allowed lol!) and get my happy butt to work! Did I tell you all I HATE MONDAYS?????

Have a good day all- I'll try to get back here tonight!

Peace and Love, KC!

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