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Sunday, February 12, 2006


It seems that my computer has been hit by "gremlins" once again. This morning Hubby surfed his blogs with no problem. but now everytime we try to get online, I have to System restore back about 2 weeks. I don't know what happened betwixt and between. But the short story is I'm running ( while I'm able to be online) every program I can to see if it's a virus or something.

So far- nothing. But I may have to take this puppy down to the "Geek Squad" again. So If I'm "AWOL" for a few days/weeks, don't be concerned. I'll try and do what I did before, and hook the old tower up to keep in touch. And at least I can now access my e-mail with my cell phone. So hopefully I won't get into the financial bind I did last time. I'm trying to do everything I can NOT to do a full system restore. I'd lose my I-tunes, along with a lot of pictures and stuff.

Cross your fingers, say a prayer to the computer gods. SOMETHING!
In the mean time- Have a good week. Those of you that have my # can call if something urgent happens. I pray it won't, but please feel free.

I miss you all already ;-(
Love and Peace, KC

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