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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am beyond upset

Almost to devastated. I received a phone call last night from the H.S. It seems that Becky has been skipping school- to the tune of 8 days already this semester!( which is just 4 weeks old at this point!) All these days are the ones that I've worked the early shift ( 8am ) which makes sense as these are the days I've had to rely on her to get herself to the bus stop.

I can't get a reason for this behavior out of her. Just a shrug of her shoulders. She's like her dad- when upset, she just clams up! So I was up most of the night, trying to figure things out, and fight the migraine that comes with "Mom-stress". I've since talked to 2 people at the school, and they are going to monitor her attendance. If she's not in her first-period class ( they don't have "home-room") I am to receive a call from one of them. Then I'll just have to leave work, come home, and drive her happy-butt to school. Which I hope doesn't happen, but then again I had hoped this wouldn't happen at all! If she misses one more day- she could fail her grade due to absences! So she'll have to go to school for the rest of the semester, whether she's up for it or not. The ONLY excuse would be for her to be sick enough to warrant a Dr's excuse. Which is unlikely, since she hasn't been THAT sick for years!

So now I must work all later shifts, or be late to work if scheduled early. And I had to put the Bon Jovi concert tickets up for sale on E-Bay.( They were after all- HER Christmas gift!) I can't very well take her to the concert after this can I? And before you all ask, there's no one else to go with. Andy, Jon and friends either don't care for JBJ, or can't get the time off at this late date. I did manage to cancel my hotel room, so at least I'll get that money back. And we had been planning to go to other concerts together as well, as a sort of Mother-Daughter bonding thing. But that too will have to go by the wayside. I can't reward her behavior, and now she's shot down a lot of the trust I had in her.

I know, far be it from me to complain if my daughter skipped school. Hell, I did it too back in the day. But NEVER to the point of jeopardizing my grades/gpa/etc! Never to this extent. I'm just really depressed right now. They lady that originally called me asked if I'd transfered her to another school?- That's how bad it is!

All I can think is that somehow, I've failed at being a good Mom.
I think I'll go have a cry now.
Peace, KC

P.S.- Julie H. Sent me this- Especially for Steelers fans, but it's a cool video
Thanks for the cheer-up Julie!!!


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