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Monday, February 06, 2006

A Picture ( or more!) is worth .....

WOW! What a game. I'm glad that it was a good one. As much as I wanted my team to win, it would have been terrible if it had been a "blow-out". The Seahawks should be very proud of their performance. And I have to tell you- those first few minutes of the game, and all those darn fouls had me wondering if I should just turn the TV off! But, being the stubborn woman I am, I stayed the course and was not disappointed. And if the truth be known, I thought the call about Ben's "touchdown" was wrong. I don't think it was truly a touchdown- I mean, doesn't the BALL have to "break the plane" of the endzone for it to be a true touchdown? It only did after Ben placed it there after he was downed. But even without that T.D., and the 7 points it gave them, we still would have won. So no worries there! And I'm just so happy for Jerome Bettis! Now he can retire - with his ring and the heartfelt good wishes of all of us fans. Ride that bus into the night Jerome- we'll see you in 5 years, when you get one of those special "Gold Jackets" in Canton!

One other light note: apparently, my neighbors across the street are Seattle fans. Becky said it was funny how everytime I cheered and screamed- they were groaning and cussing! ( they apparently had a TV hooked up in their garage, and a rather large crowd there watching the game ) And Hubby went to bed at 9pm, but he said he didn't have to watch the game, he just listened to me scream and he knew how the game was going ;-)

Well, it's back to work and back to "normal" ( whatever that is!) I guess that means that I'll have to wash this friend, and put him away for next season;


Have a great day, and I'll catch you all later!
Peace and Love, KC

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