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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I wonder why I bother.
No, I'm not talking about Valentines day. That went just fine, except I didn't get home until 8:15pm, and both Andy and Kimmie were "down for the count" already. I'm referring to work.

First, as I mentioned in my previous post ( Monday) about all the sick people we'd be dealing with. Well, I was right as usual. What the problem is that because we've been having these waves of sick people coming in, our supplies of antibiotics and such are low to non-existent! And you can't find a box of Tamiflu in the county if you tried! ( I did- believe me!) Customers are having their dr's call in the above, only to come in and find out we can't fill their prescriptions. And the vast majority get pissed off- which I can't blame them. Hell, I call their house (the telephone # we have on file) and leave a message. But you've been at work all day/have no answering machine ( this would be the older folks- they hate technology in any form!) and so now your pissed at me? What am I supposed to do? We had 40 boxes of Tamiflu on our shelves for over 2 months, and in one WEEK we sold them all? We were supposed to *know* this was going to happen and order more???? And you can always tell when a drug company rep has been through the area- suddenly there are tons of prescriptions for a medicine that we haven't sold in a year or more. OOOOPPS! Sorry we don't have 20 bottles of a cough syrup that you suddenly need, that we've not sold one RX of in 6 months. So shoot me! I spent yesterday on the phone to various pharmacies ( including the local competition!) Trying to find one that had some of these meds for patients. But it's all my fault- and I'm an idiot! You go home, and find your own damn medicine, and see how you like it! If someone treated them like they treat me- they'd tell them where to go! But I have to stand there and take it. I feel like a punching bag sometimes. What happened to common decency? I firmly believe that everyone should have to work in retail, and wait tables for about 6 months at least once in their lives. They'd have a better appreciation for what we do!

The second is "D" again. She's gotten only marginally better at her job, and she's added another thing that just annoys the crap out of me. She will come out and ask( or more often tell) us that something needs to be done. Now, since I have experience doing just about everything back there, I tell her I can do it if she wants. Then later, without even saying anything to me, she tells someone else to do it. More often than not- she has to take this other person aside and TEACH them how to do it ( bear in mind, she first has to teach HERSELF!) Without acknowledging my offer! She just ignores me totally at times. Then, when the crap hits the fan- it's "Karen, I need you to do this-No that- No! Over here, fix this for ( insert name here)! I feel like a beaten-up Ping-Pong ball! And while I admit that it's a good idea for everyone to know how to do things ( like returns, inventories, etc.) there is a time and a place to learn these things. And that does not mean in the middle of the lunch rush- with 20 scripts still in an "entered" status (which means she hasn't even approved them to be filled- let alone sold!) that are over 1 hour LATE! ( example: you leave a script with us, and say you'll pick it up at noon. We put it in the computer for a noon pick up time. 1pm comes around, and it's still in the computer in "entered" status, which means it still has to be reviewed, filled & checked BEFORE it can be sold!) I swear I spent 1/2 of yesterday rushing around dealing with this type of thing. And there she is- down at the other end of the pharmacy, teaching someone how to box up a return- that I could have done in 1/4th the time! She actually had the nerve to ask me what was wrong by the end of shift. If I had opened my mouth and told her how I really felt at that point- I would have lost my job! So I just said I was tired.
(She actually told me to go sit down for a minute if I was that bad? WHEN BIOTCH? You don't give me 2 minutes to pee most days, and you want me to SIT DOWN AND REST???? )

I've made a decision. If the next 2 days go as these have, I'm gonna e-mail our DM and let him know what's been going on. Rationally, calmly and with the hopes that something can be done. I'm sick of our regular customers cornering me in the grocery store on my days off, asking me what the heck is going on in our pharmacy. They know me, I've been there "forever". And if I tell them the truth- I'd be in big trouble. But something has to be done. I'm sick of getting all the flak from the customers- when it's not my fault. I warned her at 11:30am that we had 20 scripts that had to be done by noon, and she' better review them. But she totally ignored me until the "shit hit the fan". Then she just whined about the poor customer service, and how bad things are at our store, and "Oh,Oh, Oh"!

(Sorry all, but if I can't vent here- WHERE?)

I'm just sick of coming home tired, my back screaming in time to my head! I'm beginning to hate to go to work. And I hate that!

Especially when I know where the problem is, and how to fix it- but I'm being IGNORED!!!!!

Off my soapbox now- sorry!

Love and Peace, KC.

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