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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The story of my life right now. BORING! Just work, work and ( sometimes) sleep. I really have nothing much exciting to share, hence the lack of posts. I mean- buying a vacuum is a highlight? Sheesh!

I AM trying to change some of that. I've book a villa over in Orlando for 3nights/4days during spring break. The kids all want to spend some time at Disney, and perhaps Seaworld. And since it was cheaper/easier to get the villa off Disney property, I've decided to go that route. With 5 people in this family, Disney is just way too expensive, I.E.- you either have to book 2 rooms ( at $200 a night minimum!) Or get a suite, which are like $500 a night! No, my last name is not Gates, so off-site we go! I got the Villa for $400 for the 3 nights. MUCH better all around! Now maybe we can afford the tickets to the attractions themselves lol! Plus, there are 3 bedrooms, kitchen, TV's ( notice that's plural!) and all the comforts of home. Which means we won't have to eat out every meal while we're there. And getting away, even if it's only a few days will be worth it.

Work is -well - work. I still haven't heard anything about the e-mail. I don't even know if the DM has read the darn thing. But there are so many other problems right now, mine/ours is probably down the list of priorities . I'm sure something will come of it eventually. I did get a giggle on Monday. After 23 years with Walgreens, I finally got "drug-tested". I've always either been off or something when they came. So that was a bit of a laugh ( obviously, I'm not worried. I haven't done anything Illegal like that since HS!). And I've just been keeping my mouth shut, and doing whatever to keep the peace. I refuse to let this stuff get to me, I've got much more important things to worry about than whether everything is perfect in the Pharmacy. After all, I"M NOT THE FLIPPIN' MANAGER! So that's where all of that stands at the moment.

I'm sorry I haven't been around to all of your blogs lately. I've managed to skim through a few of the posts, but I've been spending so much time scoping out the vacation info, and working 10am- 7pm. So by the time I get home I just don't have the time/energy to spend hanging around on this thing. Not to mention everyone else wanting a chance on here! I'll be back around soon, never fear! I'm planning on doing some work on my yard over the weekend, and just kicking back. So I'll have more time to play here. In the meantime, hope you all are having a good week! Oh, and here's something I came across the other day: My favorite Dark-Hunter ( actually- he's technically a "were-hunter", but you get my drift ;-) )

HELLLOOOO Handsome! His name is Vane- which, he has a right to, don't you think?

Have a great "hump-day" ( how about that segue? Hehehehe!)
Love and Peace, KC

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