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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Caution: Murphy has now taken over Blogger!

'Cause he just ate a very long post of mine. Jerk!

Anywho- here's what I said, slightly abbreviated:

Major tension headache yesterday, mostly for 2 reasons. 1- The boy we had "hired" to watch the dog while we go to Disney suddenly backed out on us yesterday. No warning, just said he couldn't do it! And he didn't tell us until Andy called him to see when he was going to come over to get the details of his "job". If we had waited to talk to him today....... HARUMPF! Anyway, there was a mad scramble to find someone else to take his place. So BIL is doing it. Bless him ( Thank you David!!!!! MWAH!) But we thought we'd have to cancel there for awhile. Not the best way to spend vacation!
2- Mom IS off on Saturday, but is hesitant to buy my tickets. Seems she thinks she'll buy bad seats, and I'll get angry? I told her that due to the fact that this is a co-headliner, I don't expect to get good seats. Just so long as I'm under the darn roof ( So we don't drown!) I'll be happy. But I think I'll have to convince her some more. Or skip this tour entirely, which I'd rather not do. I sort-of made a promise to myself last year that I would go to more concerts, since life is short at best. But I guess I'll have to cross my fingers on this one. Bummer!

The other half of my rant was about all the furor in the DL community over this tour. Now, I know that everyone has a right to their own opinion. I know I have mine. But just a few things:

Co-headlining- well, concidering the state of the music business right now, I can see why they would do this. It takes a crap-load of money to put a tour on. And since they are touring for an album of cover tunes, they may feel ( band/management) that going out solo may not be the thing. I've read that Journey is opening, and DL is closing each night- so at least they're getting the better slot! But still, I know a shorter set will give us a "greatest hits" type show again. I'm not too thrilled by that, but I do like Journey, so It doesn't bother me much.

Presales- Yes, I've gotten great seats from the presales. And we aren't getting them this time. I wonder how they would manage that anyway- with 2 major bands on the ticket? Split the venue down the middle? Have one pre-sale for both? Don't know. So we'll just have to do what the rest of the world does- deal with Ticketbastard, and hope for the best ( scalpers not withstanding!)

Site/Forum- While I do believe this is not the best time to take the forum down ( with the tour coming and all) I'm sure there is a good reason for it. We just don't know what that reason is. And quite frankly- it's none of our business. I'm sure, with the tour and all, they will get the new one up as soon as they can.
And as for Mark- I don't know him. I know OF him, but that's it. I've had very little interaction with him at all ( I did e-mail him once with a tech question- which he was nice enough to answer). But aside from that- I doubt he knows who the heck I am. He did have me linked on his old blog/non-blog, but I'm sure that was a simple courtesy, since I have him linked here. My opinion ( which is worth very little in the grand scheme of things) is that he does as good a job as he can, given what he has to work with. After all, from what I gather, he's not paid for the job. He has another job, in the real world. He does this on the side, in his "spare-time". Because he loves the band.( Something I'm sure we can all relate to) It's not like he lives next door to Joe/Sav/Phil/Rick/Viv, and can knock on their door to ask what's up. He works with what he's given. Which sometimes is not much- granted! But that fault could be laid at the band's/managements feet, as opposed to Mark's. If they don't give him anything, or at least approve of something- he can't put it on the site. Pure and simple. There's an old saying: "Don't shoot the messenger"- and that's all he is really.
And as for the forum, I'll just say this- If I had to deal with some of the morons/fools/nutcases that post on that forum, I'd be a HECK of alot worse that Mark has ever been! I'm a pretty laid-back person, but I don't suffer fools well, and some of those people would get both my "Irish" and my "Scottish" up big time! I think he's got the patience of Job concidering. Does he go over the line sometimes- sure. Which one of us could say we wouldn't? Think about it- really. I can't think of anyone of us that could truly say we'd never loose our patience. And from what I've seen, he doesn't very often. But that's just me and my VHO. I'm not one who goes on there to start trouble. I might try to diffuse it once in awhile. But that's it.

Now that I've gotten all that off my chest ( again!) we'll see if blogger will post it! I'll try to get back her tomorrow before we leave, but if not- You all have a great week!
And a P.S. to those who's cell #'s I have- If you get a silly picture later this week- don't be surprised ;-)

Peace and Love, KC!

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