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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Def Leppard with Journey- AKA: Here we go again!

Well, interesting what the announcement of this tour has done in the "land o' Lep". Many are excited, some are pissed, others unsure. Here's mine, for what it's worth:

I have been a Journey fan for a LONG time. I've been to see them live 3 times, though I must confess here that it was in the "Steve Perry" days ( Escape, Frontiers, and Raised on Radio tours). While I know a lot of people are pissed that DL is not touring "solo"- I actually have some thoughts where this is concerned. Bear with me while I explain ( and give you all something to discuss for the next couple of days ;-) )

1- Ticket prices.
Now- I know I will risk the wrath of a few that say "Hey- if you like them- you'll find a way!" Well, quite honestly that's true. I will go to see them. It's the AMOUNT of shows I'll be able to see that will be decided by the ticket prices. And please understand that I don't mean if the tickets are, say $80 instead of the usual $45. That to me is negligible. That just means I don't buy that 2nd t-shirt. I am referring to the ticket prices such as you see for tours like the Rolling Stones, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Etc. The ones where in order to get closer than the "nose-bleed section" you must cough up $150+. That is very cost-prohibitive for me. I have 3 kids, a mortgage, car payments, and other things that have to be seen to first. Spending that on multiple concerts would either put me in chapter 11- or worse yet- Divorce court! But if they can keep the tickets under the $100 mark, I'm cool with it.

2- available "good" seats.
This one has me more worried. You see, Journey fans are a lot like we DL fans. They'd come close to selling their moms/kids for front row seats. So we've got some competition for the "good seats" which are hard to come by to begin with. I only hope that DL/Mark gets that survey/fan club/ whatever it is up and running before the tour starts. That way we *may* get presales before the Journey fans can get them. But I have to say, that what I've seen of Journey fans, they are on the whole nice people, and will be fun to "Rock out" with.

3- the "new material" arguments-
Here again, I *may* ruffle some feathers. Because I can see both sides of the coin. I too would LOVE for them to stay home, and finish that "new" album ( I know Yeah! Is technically a new album, but not new material!) But then again, it's not my place to tell the boys how to run their careers. They apparently want to be out there, and so I leave it up to them. Shit- since when have we DL fans expected 3 albums in that short a time frame? ( 2003-X, 2006 Yeah, and another next year?!!) I don't know about you all, but more than one album every 4 years is more than I've come to expect from the Leps. They've never been a band to "crank out" albums every year or so. Once again- Chill people! They must have a reason for what they're doing.

4- The short "Greatest Hits Set" again.
We don't know that do we? I've been to double-header tours where the bands BOTH play 2 hour sets. Fans on the OF are doing something that has always pissed me off ( My hubby is known to do this- believe me he gets it from me when he does!) JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS! We don't know anything about this tour yet. We don't know who's on first, where they are playing, how LONG the shows will be, and until that time, we shouldn't make judgments. Having said all that, what makes anyone think that they are going to "drop" the hits that made them? I don't care what tour you've seen them on, they only ever play 2 of the new songs, maybe 2 of the "obscure" songs ( not major hits- but fan faves) and the rest is PSSOM, ROA, Photograph, etc. Just as Journey can't go out and not play "Open Arms" "Lights" "Don't Stop Believing" etc. That is what a band does. Plays their hits for the fans. Bowie tried a tour that had him playing none of his old classics ( as have others) and it didn't do well at all. Because the majority of the fans WANT TO HEAR THE HITS! We, who go to several shows every tour are the exception- not the rule. We forget that sometimes. Maybe some day, they'll play a few shows for "just the die-hard" fans, where we get to hear all those songs we've been dying for. But until then............. ;-)

At any rate, I'm sure this will be a good time had by all. I intend to go to as many shows as I can. I've already warned them at work that DL is touring, and I will be taking time off for it. And Devon has e-mailed to say "She's in!" so that just makes my day! Let's just all sit back and chill, cause this summer is gonna ROCK!

Now, I open the floor for discussion. Feel free to disagree. This whole post is JMHO. I could be wrong. But you'll have to convince me ;-)


Peace and Love, KC

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