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Friday, March 03, 2006

A few pics

Cute cake huh? It's a Disney princess castle cake, and please don't ask how much it cost!!!

Opening presents! ( that's me in the background- can you see the shirt????)

Older kids getting into the new "stuff". Kimmie got a few games that they all can play together, so hopefully she'll enjoy that!

We had a good time last night, although I really hate to have parties during the week. Everyone is so darn tired from work. But Kimmie is too young yet to understand that her party shouldn't be ON THE DAY. So we settled for last night. She enjoyed it, as did everyone else, so it's all good! ( sorry the last pic is fuzzy, but I can't seem to take a steady picture lately *sigh*)

Some other things- My Father-in-law seems to be doing better. His kidneys have started functioning, and they say he's not loosing any more blood. So although they're going to keep him in the hospital at least through the weekend, it looks like he'll be OK. Which has taken a load off our minds here! Thank you to all of you for your kind words and thoughts- You came through again- I knew you would! :-)

I've spent the morning doing the ol' "bill pay" thing. I've decided to "pre-pay" some of the bills this month. ( which means paying them on this check- instead of the next check as I normally would) That way- we'll have more money to "play with" on our little vacation. And since tour dates have begun to show on the OS- I've started tucking away my "spare change" for the tour. Since it's already been posted that they will be in Atlanta in July- it's a fairly safe bet that any Fl. dates will be right before/after that. So I'd better start packing my lunch, and curtailing my "e-bay-ing" for a little while! Because I'm bound and determined to get to more than one show this time- and Vegas if it happens again! ( I wonder if I can con hubby into working some overtime? Naw- I'll probably have to do it!) And the big fight about who's going with me this time makes me think I'll have to pay for 3 tickets for at least one concert. Becky wants to come this time- and Andy will NOT BE DENIED! Not to mention, with them touring with Journey- the ticket prices could be conciderably higher this time around ( which I've been afraid of!) So just call me "Cheap-skate KC" for awhile! lol

I work today, and I'm not looking forward to it. I had a talk ( well, it was more like a mild rant!) with our store manager-Mr. P.- Weds. I told him that things are getting so bad back there, that most of the "good" help ( our long time pharmacist Julie, "little Julie" the tech, and even myself) are just about at the end of our ropes. Julie's hubby came by work the other day, and told her to transfer, she didn't need this crap. And I tend to agree, though I'd hate to loose her- she's the only one keeping things "normal" around there! And if it doesn't get better soon, I'm going to transfer as well. I've been trying my best to keep my mouth shut, and just "go with the flow". But it's becoming an avalanche that can't be stopped, and I'm gonna get "buried" if I don't do something soon. I told Mr. P. that he should call the higher ups, or something to fix this situation soon. I also let him know about the possible "transfering" of all of us. So I think he realizes that it's getting "drastic" back there! I can only hope and pray someone does SOMETHING!

At least there is one nice thing about work today. As with a lot of "retailers", we do the raising of funds for various charities- by selling Hearts ( AHA) Sneakers( JDA) Pink ribbins ( you know ;-) ) etc. Well, our store was the top seller of Hearts this month. We sold 486 more than any other store in the district. So lunch is on the District Manager. It'll probably be pizza, but hey- at least I don't have to worry about packing a lunch today! And we're also in the running for "best store" in the state! Which would mean $100 gift cards for all! I know that may not be impressive- $100 gift card to Walgreens, but I work there everyday, which means I won't have to "pay" for drinks, munchies and assorted supplies with my own money for a little while. Which could help the "concert fund" conciderably! Looking at the sunny-side here!

Well, I think that's all I have for today. Except that it's FRIDAY!!!!
(P.S. to Kat- No, I don't think it's too risque for my blog!!!)

A little 80 year old lady had always wanted to join a local bikers club.
One day she goes up and knocks on a biker's door.
A big, hairy, bearded biker with tattoos all over his arms answers.
She proclaims, "I want to join your club."
The guy was quite amused, but says she needs to meet certain biker requirements in order to join he explains.
The biker asks; "Do you have motorcycle?
The little old lady replies, "Yep, my bike's parked over there and points to a flamed black Harley chopper in the driveway.
The biker asks, "Do you drink?"
The little old lady replies, "Yep, drink like a fish. I'll drink everyone in your club under the table."
The biker asks, "Do you smoke?"
The little old lady replies, "Yep, smoke like a chimney. At least 2 packs of cigarettes and three joints a day and a couple more in the evening, while I'm shooting pool."
The biker is very impressed and asks, "Last question, have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?"
The little old lady thinks for a minute and says, "Nope, but I've been swung around by my nipples a few times."

Well, as we "swing" into the weekend, ( harhar!) I just hope you all have a good one!
Peace and Love, KC!

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