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Monday, March 27, 2006

I have a BIG problem!

Well, it is to me. It seems that our guys will be at Sound Advice Ampitheater again in West Palm Beach on July 10th, with a date in Tampa as well on the 11th. Which is great ( although I'd like Kissimmee more!). The BIG problem is the tickets go on sale this coming SATURDAY???!! And where will I be? Buried deep within the realms of Disney. Now, I can't very well have the whole family wait, while I run around looking for a ticketbastard outlet( while Becky and Andy would totally understand- Jon would blow a gasket!) . Nor can I get a call out to them from whatever park I'm "hopping" through. ( cell phones don't work too well there- the place is HUGE and there are no towers around). So how the HELL am I to get my tickets??????????

I mean, chances are very good that by the time I get home, they will be sold out. Or I'll have to settle for the lawn. Which means no seat at all, and WAAAAYYY away from stage, and possibly drowning in what is normal Florida summer evening storms. ( check out Gordon's post from his visit on the X tour, if you don't believe me!) And with the Journey fans vying for the good seats- my chances are slim to none as it is! And Devon is in class, and doesn't have the money to buy 4 tickets even if she wasn't.

So what the Heck am I to do? Any suggestions? I read these dates on the OS, and all I could think of when I saw the sale dates was " SONOFABIOTCH"! "Murphy" is back in my life, and raising cain once again!


** edit** Well, at least the tickets are a reasonable price. $69.50 is the most expensive. Which means after Ticketbastard charges, they'll be around $85 dollars. Not too bad! I thought for sure they'd be well over the $100 mark. The kids and I are going to meet Mom for lunch today, so I'm going to see if she's working Saturday. Maybe I can convince her to buy them for me, and I'll pay her back when I get back. Not likely though- she always works on the weekend *sigh*.

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