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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's a special day here!

Six years ago- some little imp came into my life:

To my youngest, Kimberly Alyse Fine:

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Happy day Sweetie! Mommy loves you!!

Now, I have bad to go with the good. ( isn't that always the way of things?)

It seems that my Father-In-Law is in the hospital. From what I gather, he's had a ( mild) heart attack, and his kidneys aren't working properly. He' s also loosing blood somehow/where ( which caused the heart attack) and they've given him transfusions, with the hopes that they can find the leak and fix it. Last word is he's chipper ( joking with the nurses!) but he's 87 yrs old, and we all know that's a complication in and of itself. So if you all wouldn't mind sending some postive thoughts/prayers/karma his way, our family would appreciate it. He lives out in Seattle, so I'm getting updates from my one SIL that lives out there ( Diane, if your reading this: send Sid hugs from me!!!). It's got Hubby just a bit worried, which is expected since he's not there to see for himself how his Dad's doing. We can only wait and pray.

Work is the same, although I've decided to just do my job and not let things get to me. It's hard, but I'm coming home not *quite* so stressed as I was. I just wish someone would take the bull by the horns and fix what needs fixing, you know?

So with that, I have a cake to order ( a Mickey Mouse cake, btw- her choice!) and off to work I go. I hope you all are having a good week. I'll try to get around the blogs a little this morning. If not- I will DEFinately be here tomorrow, as I have the day off ( WOO HOO!)

Peace and Love, KC!

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