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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Short one today

As I have to take the car to the dealership. Seems the fan switch is on the fritz. It only wants to work on high. So unless I want to drive all the way to Orlando, with 3 kids and either no AC or Frostbite, I have to get it fixed. Sheesh- could it happen at a better time? But at least they'll give it a "once-over" before we go. I'd hate to get stuck between here and there, the road ( Hwy 192, for those who know the area) is basically driving through swamp between here and Kissimmee. So if I'd break down, I'd have a heck of a time getting help!

Work is a pain, but at least I have only 2 days left! But last night we got so busy around 5 pm, that we had to have 2 members of management come back and help us! Between the Dr.'s offices, and customers, we did almost 100 scripts in about 1 & 1/2 hours! And every one of those customers wanted them NOW! Most of them were Ok, the could see us running around like headless chickens. But some didn't care. And one woman was bitching up a storm because we "lost" a script that her dr. "supposedly" called in. Well, he didn't- but that was OUR FAULT???!! Some people should just not be let out in public- period!

Other than that- It's the same-old, same-old. I hope you all are having a great week. If nothing else, I'll be back here on Friday- celebrating!!!!

Peace and Love, KC!

P.S.- Has anyone else noticed, that Senff's site now displays a Canadian flag? Could it mean he's finally gotten the go ahead to move? I hope so for Julie & His sakes! They've waited long enough, thanks to bureaucratic red tape!! ;-)

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