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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Welcome to "Hump Day"!!!

And I had a very interesting conversation with someone ( I won't say who) about things. You know, the conversation about stuff that needs doing vs. The stuff you ARE doing.

I had mentioned something about wanting to re-do my front yard. Since my trees in front have grown large, the grass underneath refuses to survive. And that, compounded with the slope of the yard ( houses down here are "built-up", because of drainage issues- we don' t have sewers where I live, we have ditches that drain to bigger canals, that drain.... You get my drift ;-) ) nothing wants to grow. Except your weeds of course! So I have this plan- I've sketched it out roughly, with gravel, stepping stones, sunken pots and assorted rocks, plants, ornaments, YadaYadaYada. So I was working on this sketch in the breakroom at work ( which started the debate!).

My co-worker asked " Well, why are you spending all this money on going to Disney? You could afford to do all that yard work, or a great deal of it- with all the money you're spending on the trip?!" Well, that's true. I don't debate that all that money would go a long way to see my yard transformed. But then again, what about NOW? My family, and it's needs. Having a beautiful yard is one thing, having memories with my family is another. If there is one thing I have some appreciation for, it the possibility of the "shortness of life". My ego is not so large, that having a yard that looks like the cover of "Better Homes & Gardens" is a necessity. It would be nice- I grant you. But having in a VERY real sense cheated the "grim reaper" not once- BUT TWICE in the last few years, I would hope I've learned a very valuable lesson:
My neighbor, across the street was like that. He had a yard that was the envy of all of us on the street. Perfect lawn, perfect plants, everything just so! When we re-painted our house, he had his re-done because in his words " we made his look pale by comparison"!? So he spent the monies he had marked for a trip with the wife to see his family on his house. And where is he? Gone to * insert your afterlife here*. He died last year of cancer. No trip, no family visits. His wife sold the house, so now even the house is not "his" anymore. She said, by the time he was diagnosed, it was too late to "change" for him. I won't be that near-sighted. But my co-worker thinks I'm being irresponsible. Because it's my house, and I should take care of it. Well, we do. Yes, there are a ton of things we could spend money on around here- anyone that owns a house will tell you it's a constant "work in progress". But I see my kids, and the time flying by. My eldest will be 16 this summer. Old enough to start working, and planning her own life. Son-o-mine hits his teens soon, and with that his attachment to home-and-hearth will diminish. "Littlest one" is not so little anymore ( though not too old yet, thank goodness!). If we don't make these memories now- then WHEN?

So now this co-worker thinks I'm irresponsible. Well, she can think I howl at the moon- I don't care. Because when I see the smiles on my kids faces when we're on vacation, riding the rides, or hugging Mickey, It will be worth every weed in my front yard. As we all know, the weeds won't go away like our kids will. They'll still be there when I'm ready to pull them.

Ok- off that rant! I have something I want to share with you all. Now, Y'all know I'm addicted to the "Dark-Hunters". Those books that have spawned some of the hot pics I occasionally post here for your pleasure. Well, Ms. Kenyon has a new series set to hit the book racks near you next week:

The Lords of Avalon- the first book is "Sword of Darkness".
This series is supposed to be a big twist of the old Arthurian legend. A sort of action/paranormal/romance/mystery type thing. I've read the "teasers" she's put on her site- and WOW! So for those of you who like a good read- pick it up. I believe she's writing them under her "other name" Kinley MacGregor. But I'll tell you this my friends- if you buy it-read it- and don't like it, I'll refund your money! Her style is very good/witty, and I haven't found a book of her's yet that I read only once! As a matter of fact, I've read them all several times. Which says a lot about the power of the stories. Go on- buy it- I DARE YOU!

As for other things, work started off well this week, and went straight into the toilet! Seems that when someone made the schedule, they neglected to mention that the lady they've had doing our "cashier duty" from 9-6pm during the days was ON VACATION this week! So we're one short every day this week( we put her on the schedule as normal, only to find out yesterday that she wouldn't be in!) When I left last night, the warehouse delivery and the distributor delivery ( that we get every day) had not been opened! ( well, I did dig some things out- rather that tell people that we didn't have the meds in stock!) But the darn place was one big mess! But I was exhausted, and I just didn't want to stay late in the hopes of catching up. The truth is, I could have stayed until closing last night and I don't think it would've helped. So I have no doubt I will go into "hell" when I get to work today. My only "saving grace" is that I have the rest of the week off. So if I can just make it through today- I'll be homefree! I'm also surprised that I haven't been called in already. I'm not scheduled until 11am, but the last week or so, I've been called in early almost every shift. So that surprises me. I keep sitting here thinking the phone will ring. But so far........

Well, I think this post is long enough! Jeez, I either have nothing to say- or too much! I'll just leave you all with something to help you get through the rough part of the week:

"Beware of things that go 'bump' in the night"
Or maybe not ;-)

Peace and Love, KC!

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