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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What holiday is YOUR birthday?

Dec. 4th- Wear Brown Shoes Day!!!!!

My friend Kat sent me this one, I thought I'd share it! Kind-of silly, but I'm in a somewhat silly mood this morning. Of course, that's probably going to change.

I'm sorry I've been MIA, but I believe a bit of the stomach-virus bug hit me Tuesday. And I've spent the last couple of days just basically vegging out. I'm better now, and I have to go to work today ( which is why my mood will be changing lol) "D" even called my house last night - and woke me up!- to ask if I'd been there today. Apparently I'm not the only one suffering from something. I think 3 of us called out yesterday. But I thought that was a bit intrusive, her calling my house to see if I was coming in. Or maybe she just "irks" me in general- I don't know. But I'm sitting here just waiting to get called in early. Or asked to work my day off tomorrow ( which I can't, I'm putting my car in the shop for it's 3 month check up) So I may be butting heads with her again today. Not looking forward to it- NOPE!

I did manage to get online, and buy some tickets for our vacation yesterday. Now, I'd tell you where, but a certain Son of mine has a habit of reading this blog, and since it's a surprise I can't do it. But suffice to say, the kids are going to LOVE it. I'm beginning to look forward to spring break almost as much as the kids! And I love the idea of going away for a few days. No TV, no computer, just us and some fun! Not that I won't miss you all, but you get what I mean.

And I love that you can book stuff online. You know, hubby and I were discussing the trip, and of course money came up- how much we'd need, how much we'll spend. And I had to remind him that because of this wonderful thing called the internet, we would not go into major debt to take this trip. Most of the big stuff ( Hotel, Disney tickets, etc ) are ALREADY PAID FOR! That's right- aside from food and souvenirs , we won't have to shell anything out- we already have! And since I've budgeted the monies out of our pay ( which normal would have been used on: Lunches out, trips to the store for stuff we really don't need, spent on other unessential stuff) it's no strain on the finances. Instead of how our parents had to do things. Which was either go through a travel agent ( and the fees that involved) or just save up all year ( something I'm not very good at- sad to say!) Or charge the heck out of the credit cards. We can start "planning and paying" for a vacations months in advance. So that by the time you go, all you need is what I call "pin money". Which really makes trips like this available to John Q.Public. It's a wonderful thing.
Not to mention, that I just figured out that I will be "getting paid" while we're there. So that will be "extra" funds should we need them. ( I'm ahead on all my bills, so that's a "freebie" check for me!) And Andy's birthday comes the week after our trip, so he's getting alot of his presents over there at Disney. We've already decided that, since he really doesn't need clothes, toys, or other such stuff. Should be good all around. ( Not too excited- am I?)

Well, the only other thing that could make my week is concert dates. But I'm sure that will take some time, as I *think* the only reason they've posted the ones they have so far is because the venues had already made them public. Maybe I'll have to e-mail that DJ I know- and see if he's heard anything? Could work, no?!

Ok, well I'd better get my butt off here and in the shower. I'll catch you all tomorrow. Hope your "hump day" is a good one!

Peace and Love, KC!

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