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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day two- Magic Kingdom- AKA Chaos central!

Well, what can you expect during Spring Break? I had forgotten how crowded the parks get. I mean, it's been 12 years since I'd attempted to go to one during this time of year ( we normally go "off-season", when it's less crowded) Well, everyone and their brother was there! And not all Americans! As a matter of fact, it seemed that every other accent we were hearing was Brittish? Does the UK have Spring break? 'Cause I think they were all at Disney last week lol! But despite the crowds, we had a really great time. The lighted parade was beautiful, although my pictures of it are very fuzzy. I'll have more time later in the week to play with them, and see if I can clean them up! And the fireworks were outstanding! You could hear the crowd through the whole park Oh and Ah to them! Every time I go, I think they can't get any better, and every time they prove me wrong!

The paddle-wheel boat over to the M.K. This and the monorail are the only ways to get to/from the parking lot into the actual park.

Cinderella's castle. What you may/may not be able to see, is that they have put the various Disney charactors on the outside of the castle ( they're gold- you can see Wendy flying up at the top there!) Which was a new thing I'd not seen before. Last time we were there, the castle was covered with "toilet paper & graffitti" ALA Stitch! Still, it's cool that they change it up like that- it keeps you guessing!

Princess Kimmie, mugging for the camera, with bit bro hiding out behind lol!

Riding Aladdin's magic carpet. Getting Becky in any picture is like pulling teeth. She's at that stage of "I don't want my face anywhere where people can see it Mom!!"

Just prior to the above picture, we had ridden Splash Mountain. Which is a water-flume ride. Which is great if it's warm outside. The problem was, it was 4:30pm, and the sun was hiding. So Becky and I had to run off to the nearest shop, to buy dry shirts! I had my Slang shirt on ( which is verrrrrry thick cotton!) and if we didn't want to freeze our...er...well, yoy-know-what's off- we had to get dry FAST!

We stayed until the very end, leaving around 11pm, only to fight the crowds and make it back to our villa around midnight. Totally exhausted, and ready for the next day.

Part 3- Epcot,or how we went 'round the world in one day!

Now, on to mundane things. I got called in early yesterday AGAIN! Seems some people think working on Monday's is optional! Scary.
My DL tickets are better than I expected. I actually didn't think Mom would wind up getting any at all. She went to one ticketbastard outlet, and they were totally down! Bless her- she went clear across town to the other one! And she told the gent-"My Daughter wants tickets right on the stage- if possible!" ( gotta love that woman!) Row Q, dead center of the venue. I had heard on the radio ( Friday, I believe) about the VIP tickets. But Jon turned to me saying "NO- Leave it be Karen!" and when I thought about it- I just couldn't do it. While I would love to get those seats, and the possibility of meeting members of either band, the cost of those tickets were just too high. Not for one or two mind- But I bought 4! I'd've gone into the poor house that way! I bought Devon's ticket, with the understanding that since she lives down there now, she's putting us up for the night ( therefore saving me the costs of a hotel room!)She *may* pay me back, but I'm not counting on it. I'm a firm believer of "neither a borrower, nor a lender be". So I "gift" her with the ticket. If she pays me back for it- or pays for something else ( dinner, T-shirt, drinks etc.) then it's a "gift" back. Works better that way- IMHO.
Well, speaking of work, I'd better get my happy-butt dressed and out the door. I'll be back here tomorrow with more pics and stories.

Hope you all are having a great week!
Peace and Love, KC!

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