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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I was just signing on yesterday morning, when SURPRISE! The phone rings- it's work, and can I come in NOW??? Sheesh, what is it with others about working Mondays? This is the 7th time in the last 8 weeks ( not counting my vacation week) that I've been called in on Monday morning ( and that's not including other days lol!). I've gotten to the point that I get dressed early now. I get my pants, shoes, etc on- all but my shirt, which I have laid out on the bed. I get my lunch ready and am generally ready to just fly if the need arises. Because more often than not- I'm called in. I'm usually the second scheduled ( I was opening alot, before the little problem with Becky getting to school there at the beginning of the semester!). Now I just work more hours. I ended up working from 8:15 until 6:30 yesterday. Which means my feet hurt like hell, but I'll probably forget all about it when the check gets here!

And to add to the misery that was my morning, my Mother called to let me know that her biopsy came back. Apparently we were wrong- it IS cancerous. So I'm going with her next week to her dr. to find out exactly how bad it is. He said it was a little spot of cancer, so chances are she'll just need a lumpectomy, and a little radiation. But that was not what we were expecting, and I think she's alittle scared ( no surprise there!) So a few well placed prayers/thoughts would be appreciated. Since that "spot" has been there for a couple of years, and it hasn't grown or changed, at least we know that she does not have the aggresive form that I had. after all, my "little lump" turned into a large tumor in less than 2 months! So I'm confident that this will be Much easier on her than it was on me. Still, it's not something one wants to hear about anyone! EVER!

Well, as promised, some more pictures from the vacation:

The "tree of life" at Animal Kingdom. It looks much cooler in real life, there are animals carved into the trunk all around it.

Kimmie and Dad, hanging out

The "Lion King" show, which was really amazing!

One of the fountains at Disney-MGM studios.

The "Aerosmith" Rock 'n Roll coaster! That was a really good ride!

The infamous "Tower of Terror"! The one ride you'll never see me on. Nope, no flippin' way!
But I thought the picture came out really cool, so there you go!

We had a great time, all in all. I would make a suggestion to those of you who *might* concider coming down for the "Disney" experience. Don't try to cram it all in. Had I known just how tired we all would have been after a couple of days, I'd've spread the days out a bit more. Put a "day off" inbetween each park. Because truth be told- by day 3 we just couldn't be bothered doing some stuff, just because we'd had enough of lines, crowds, etc. If we had done one park, then a day off, next park- kind of thing, we would have probably faired better. And the drive home ( which happened shortly after I took that picture of the tower) was a biotch. I don't even remember what happened when we got home- other than we all crashed! And Sunday we all just lazed around like a bunch of dead fish on the shore! Well, live and learn!

So now ( IF I don't get called in again!) I'm going to "surf" a little. I've been neglecting everyone's blogs, and websites for the last few days. Life just wants to get in the way too much!
I wish you all a great Tuesday! I'll see you all soon!

Peace and Love, KC!

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