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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ok, so I fixed the darn thing!

But I had to delete the Medievil Knights post! Apparently, since those photos were so large, they screwed up the whole blog! And I HAD downsized them on photobucket, so go figure! Usually, when I see they are too large for the post, and I go to Photobucket and shrink them, they automatically become smaller on the blog. But it didn't work this time *sigh*. Well, at least you all can see what I'm typing now! I'll try and post the pictures another time.
Anywho, back to the pictures from vacation. These are from Epcot:

The "World lagoon". It sits in the center of the "world", while all the countries that have exhibits/rides/shops etc. are all around it. There are 12 so far, and room for many more!

A couple of silly kids in Canada

The USA's exhibit. Dead center at the far end of the lagoon.

The family in Japan- Sort-of!

What I like about this park is that you really have 2 parks in one. The begining area, where they have things about energy, space travel, The Sea, the Land, and everything about earth in general. There is a really cool "ride" called "Mission to Mars", where you you feel like your in a space shuttle, blasting into space. You sit in a booth, with a control panel. Everyone there is a member of the team ( Navigator, Commander, etc). This ride is not for someone that's clostrophobic- your straped in really tight, and the "control panel" comes in to your body. With the harness strapping me in, I could just reach the buttons and joystick! But apparently, these are built on a centrafuge, and they create the "launch" by spinning the cockpit around! WOW! I've never felt that before! I don't know how many G's we got- but I've got a healthy respect now for how much training the astronauts have to go through. If that's even 1/10th what they feel, WOW! One very wild ride!

The other thing I like about this park is that you can get stuff from anywhere in the world. I always like to go to the UK exhibit. They have a shop there that sells Kilts, and other Scot's stuff. I saw a beautiful cape, which I would've loved to get- but they didn't have the proper plaid ( that matches my kilt Daddy bought me!) Shoot! If they had- I'd've bought it, even though they cost about $150. I mean, I need a winter coat ( and these were not VERY thick- so they'd work down here!) And it would have lasted for a long time. Bummer!

Now- on to other details.
I talked to Mr. P. yesterday, and he said that I should just hang in there. She's supposedly requested to be taken out of our store, and it's just a matter of time before it happens. And Doug is supposed to be moved to another store here in town once he's licensed. ( he's supposed to become manager at that time as well- talk about short-staffed! He's just been made a pharmacist, and he becomes a manager on the same day!) He told me if things here were still bad, he'd take me with him! So either way, I should be ok.

And today is officially the birthday of someone very dear to me:

Happy Birthday Andy! Man of my heart, Keeper of the laughter, and great Son!

I think I'm going to get him a Dictionary for his birthday lol! For any of you that have read his posts on this blog- there should be no need to explain THAT gift! But I must go and shop for said gifts, so with this I bid you goodbye for today!

Have a great Thursday!
Love and Peace, KC!

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