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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Is wrong with my blog? I noticed the past 2 posts, that my sidebar is encroching on my text. And the one post I had downsized the photos, but they refuse to shrink? I haven't done
anything to the template in months- with the exception of changing the music video.
I guess while I'm off tomorrow, I'll have to play around with it. I think it's a
little glitch somewhere, but I can't take the time this morning to work with it.
And I can't see posting yet more stories/pictures until you all can read them
And I have to get to work early today. I have to sit down and have a talk with Mr. P.
It seems that "D" has decided, with the exception of "emergency" circumstances, that
I should spend my days playing cashier. She refuses to let me type, or call insurances,
or any of the other things I'm trained to do. She only uses me when she has no other
recourse.( and no I'm not paranoid - this is something that the others that work with
me have noticed as well. When I mentioned I was feeling this- they said how they had,
but didn't want to bring it up to me.) I have heard repeatedly lately how she wants out,
and that she's not long for our store. But I don't know how long I can put up with the way
I'm being treated. An Example: Monday, the early person called out. Instead of calling
me in early ( which would have bee the logical choice, as I was next due in, and it would
not be overtime for me) she called in Doug. Who is a graduate Intern, with his pay and
who already works waaaayyyy too much overtime ( at other stores, he's trying to get a
jump on his school loans!) Not to mention, Doug was scheduled to CLOSE- which meant
he would have had to work a 14 hour day! Hence my change to the closing shift Monday-
so Doug would not get the overtime ( But I get the shaft!) And yesterday, when Doug left,
and by rights I should have taken over at the In-window, she told me to go to the registers,
that "C" needed practice typing. Which is a lie- she types quite a lot actually. "C" even
said that to me, when I went and told her that. "C" didn't WANT to type- but what can
you do? So I need to get some answers from Mr. P. Or else put in for a transfer. I don't
mind doing my fair share of cashiering, but I'm NOT a cashier, I'm a Certified Pharmacy
Tech. But not in her eyes- I'm just a pain.
Peace, KC

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