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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, I'm back- and thoroughly exhausted. But Mom's surgery went well, and her "Sentinal node" showed no signs of cancer!! So she's in pain, but should be ok in the end! As usual, your prayers and good wishes worked! THANK YOU!!!!

I had to leave the house this morning at 6am to get over to her house, her to the radiologist to get the guide wire in ( ????) and then surgery at 10 ( which actually didn't start until 11am). Out of surgery at 1:30, and home by 3pm. I'm shot! ( Now I know what Joe meant in that interview about sitting around waiting being so tiring- my mind is just numb!) I'm gonna get a good night's sleep tonight ( I didn't last night- guess is was worry) and then back to Mom's. She's having to take pain meds that have her unsteady on her feet. I don't trust her not to do something stupid, or even fall over or something by herself. But at least everyone at work ( Even "D"- scary!!!!) said my place is with Mom, and don't worry about them. So I'm taking the time. I'll try to get back here tomorrow, and let you know how she's doing. But it may be late again. I WILL be her Thursday though- I have to get some stuff done around here, and I just can't ignore my family all week.

Take care of you!

Peace and Love, KC!

**EDIT, Weds AM***
Well, did I crash last night or what!!!??? First night in a L O N G time I haven't woken up at all. And I talked to Mom a few minutes ago, and she sounds much better. So I'm taking a little "me" time this morning, to catch up with you all before I go over to her place. And I called work this morning, just to make sure they knew I would not be there, and they've already got me covered. So I'm just going to go and enjoy the day ( as best I can) with Mom.

I see we have more tour dates! Well, I sort-of figured that would happen, what with the sales being so good for ones so far. And I see they are "revisiting" some places from earlier in the tour. Maybe this is because those venues sold out quickly? ( with no room in the schedule to add another day right then?) Perhaps. But I hope that they make it to Canada and the UK ( at least, more than the 2 dates the UK has at present!) I'm *kind-of* glad they are not coming back down here. I really need to NOT spend any more money this year, and I would be "required" to go if they came!

But I am glad to see that some of you are getting dates closer to home. I know it's frustrating to some of you- having already bought tickets to shows say, 6 hour away, only to get one NOW that's say- 2 hours away or less. But they obviously were waiting to see the response on this one, before booking a larger tour. I see it this way: Journey and DL both toured LAST summer ( which I don't believe they normally do- tour 2 summer's in a row) and they maybe thought that the demand wouldn't be there? ( Not from us, the core fan base, but the general concert-going-public) Now that they see that it's there, they are going for it! And I've seen some talk about all the dates in California ( despite your frustration, Kim- which I do feel for, believe me! Everyone and their brother only hits West Palm and Tampa on tour around here- they bypass ORLANDO?? which is more central, and has great venues????) NY and NJ. Well, Journey is FROM California, so that makes sense ( as do 3 of the DL guys now!) NY and NJ are big concert markets, any way you look at it. Let's just let things go for now, and see what happens. The only beef I have in all this is that the longer they tour, the longer we have to wait for that new, original DL album. They have often said they just can't write while on tour. As much as I'm looking forward to YEAH!, I want their stuff too. Well, I'll just have to pull out that "patience-gene" and deal!

Now it's time for me to clean up the mess that is my kitchen, and head over to Mom's. It's amazing to me how much of a mess my family can make when I'm not here. And how many dishes they can dirty, even if Dad didn't cook dinner. SHEESH!

Have a great Hump day!
Peace, KC!

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