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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I have to tell you all

about a little conversation I had with one of our assistants last night ( called CH for now)
I had taken a register drawer to the office, and was waiting for her to come complete my check-out so I could go home. It ws another 9 hour shift, and while my new sneakers are helping somewhat my legs were still hurting. She came into the office just as I had decided to sit down in one of the chairs. I don't normally, since once I sit down, it hurts even MORE to stand back up! Anywho, I made a comment along the lines of "I'm wiped out" or some such, and she said " I have to tell you about a conversation I had with Mr. P today" . And then she preceded to tell me how she had told him that the only person that seemed to give a crap about the customers back there ( I.E. Pharmacy dept.) was Karen ( ME!) . And how I was running around "killing myself" to try and keep our customers happy. AND how I was getting NO co-operation from any of my fellow co-workers. Then CH proceeded to tell me how she warned him that I would probably only put up with this abuse for so long before:
A- I transfered to another store that would appreciate my efforts,
B- My health suffered because of the stress/workload/effort I was putting out,
C- I went "postal" on someone,
D- all or any combo of the above.

She also mentioned how she had noticed that I was constantly being pushed down to the registers ( assumingly because of my "customer service" attitude) and that it was not fair to me that I be constantly put in the "line of fire" with no back-up ( well, big fat hairy DUH!) and Mr. P. had better go back there and have a talk with everyone before the store lost a very valuable employee ( Moi!). CH told me he had said "yes, I've seen that lately. I'm going to have a serious talk with everyone back there, and see if things can't get back on an even keel". To which I said ( to CH)- NOT WITH "D" running the show they won't. She has her favorites, and that's it. And I'M NOT one of her favorites. She only uses me when no one else knows how to do something. Then she uses me only to train someone else, and then it's back to the cash register I go!

Now, back when Major Tom was around- everyone took turns at the various stations. First person in at the "in-window", second filled, third manned drive thru. And as the day progressed everyone rotated the stations. That way- no one was "stuck" at any one place all day. Decreased stress, since "in-window" and register/drive-thru are the roughest places to work. Now- I am usually on mid-shifts. And I'm automatically pushed to the register. Christy, who is taking over as senior tech has been marching her happy little butt right down to the typing station- no matter what shift she is working! Passed me right by yesterday! That hurt. I ran register ALL FLIPPIN' DAY!

So, I'm thinking I should have a talk with Mr. P. today. Tell him something along the lines of "if things don't change- I'm requesting a transfer!" The only thing is that he's having family issues right now, and I hate to "burden" him any more ( His Dad is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and not doing too well) He's really been supportive of me through all my problems health-wise. I'd hate to upset him any more than he is already. But I just don't know how much more of this crap I can take. But at least SOMEONE sees my problem. There may be some hope yet. I mean, I've been looking for ways to get out of work, and that's just NOT like me. I've never been that type to call in "fake-sick". but I've been tempted more than once lately. Hell, I thought about it yesterday, when I got the phone call from the school. You know- "Kimmie's too upset and I have to stay home with her......" blah blah blah. But I hate lying worse. So I hauled my sorry butt to work. And even "D" thought I wouldn't be in because of it.

I think I'm a glutton for punishment

Or I love abuse

Or I'm just stupid!
Take your pick ;-)

Have a good day all- I may just scream loud enough for you all to hear me today- Do you think they'd hear me then????????????
Peace and Love, KC.

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