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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just for fun!

What type of fairy are you? -Great Pics-

You are the wise fairy. You know all. People come to you for support and advice; and you love to help them. Just sometimes these people you call your "friends" may take advantage of you and all your power. They may just suck...you...dry."This world is not conclusion;A sequel stands beyond,Invisable, as music,But postitive, as sound.It beckons and it baffles;Philosophies don't know,And through a riddle, at the last,Sagacity must go.To guess it puzzles scholars;To gain, men have shownContempt of generations,And crucifixion known." -Emily DickinsonPlease rate 5 (Thanks)
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well, I was just crusing around..... And a few short thoughts:

Well, we got a sprinkle of rain- but not enough to do any good. So there's still a ton of smoke in the air. Crap! Jeb Bush even called in the Guard to help get these things under control. Which means that things are only gonna get worse.

I work the night shift today, which normally is not my *favorite* shift to work. But at least I work with someone other that "D". So it won't be a total loss! But at least I got the chance this morning to get some cleaning done, and go to Curves. I didn't manage to make it all last week, what with my Mom's surgery and everything. So that's a good thing- No?

I also saw that I-Tunes has the single "Rock On" up. WOO HOO! I hope they make a cool video for this one. The concert performance was so cool, I'd hate to see a crappy video. Only 2 weeks and counting......

Well, I'd better get going. I have tomorrow and Thursday off, so I'll be here, if anyone wants to chat. Take care of you and yours!
Peace and Love, KC!

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