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Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday morning blues..

Well, not really. Although I had to work 9 hours yesterday, and 9 & 1/2 today. So I'll probably be worthless come this evening. Even though my Dr. has told me that my legs/feet should start feeling better soon, I haven't seen/felt any sign of it. Hopefully, they'll get better soon. It's hell to have this problem, and have to stand on your feet at work for 8+ hours!

I had mentioned before ( and some of you have probably seen on TV) about the fires down here. They're getting worse, with no rain in sight. And before you ask, they are 30 miles north of me- but still........

I took this yesterday morning. ( Keep your eyes open, and you'll catch a glimpse of Jon!) It does get better later in the day, due to the shore breezes. At night, when the winds are calm, is when it just blankets the coast. The smell outside is the kind I used to remember when we burned the fall leaves at the curb. Except it's MUCH stronger. And everything smells of smoke. Anyone down here with breathing problems is having a really rough time. I know some parents have said they have to keep their kids indoors, or with masks on, due to asthma. I just wish we'd get some rain down here soon. All the drainage ditches ( we don't have sewers per se- we have a series of drainage ditches and canals that funnel rain/water to the St. John's river) are almost dry! They have a scale they're using to measure the drought:

We're in the 550 range in my county. And they said if we don't get rain in the next week or two, we'll go over 600. That's when even the smallest spark could cause a fire. And since we have a *habit* down here of having not just rain, but thunderstorms, it could get tricky. The rain would be welcome, but the lightening could cause MORE problems. Thankfully, I live in an area that is highly unlikely to get a brush fire. The closest "wooded" area to me is about 3 miles away, and would have to plow through several neighborhoods to get to me. Small comfort though, when it's hard to catch a breath outside!

Ok, off that topic! Becky just reminded me this morning that the kids have 2 weeks left until school lets out. Isn't that weird? They start the beginning of August here, and end in May. Don't ask me why- that's just what's evolved the last 10 years or so. They supposedly have a bill to the legislature here to get back to a more "normal" schedule ( start the week before Labor Day) but it hasn't passed yet. So there goes any chance of a clean livingroom for the next few months! BLEH!

Well, I'd better get off this thing, and get ready for work. I'm just not looking forward to putting my shoes back on my feet, they still hurt from yesterday. *SIGH*

Have a good week, and I'll be back tomorrow!
Peace and Love, KC!

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