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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So, tell me what you think???

rough draft of the letter I've been DYING to send to the paper for years:
An open letter to all who shop:
I have worked in the retail industry for over 20 years. In that time I have encountered many instances where there has miscommunication/misunderstandings between the shopping public and ourselves. I have often felt the need to express these things in the hopes that it will help all of us. So here are just a few tips/reminders that should help all of us have a more relaxing, enjoyable experience:

1- The clerk that is waiting on you does not make store/corporate policy. They do not order the merchandise or make the rules regarding returns, purchases, displays etc. ( unless, of course it is a small, "Mom & Pop" establishment- I am speaking of large, corporate retail outlets here) If there is a problem with any of these things, it is always better to ask for a member of Management. The clerk in question is usually only doing what they are told to do. They are, after all, trying to make a living. And believe me, they would all much rather make it without upsetting/annoying the customer. It does NOT make our day to do so, I can assure you!

2- The time you shop could very well affect the extent of the customer service which you receive.
Yes, I'm sorry to say this is true. You see, if you shop during certain hours ( 8 - 9 am, 11:30am - 1pm, 4:30 - 6 pm) you will most likely get less customer service. That is because they are the rush hours, where everyone wants everything NOW! ( rushing to/from work, school, what-have-you) That is just the nature of things. This is especially true for those in the non-working/retirement section of our population. If you want our undivided attention, or anything fast- do not shop at those times. It's really that simple!

And for those of you who say to this- "why not just put on more staff at those times?" Well the sad truth of the matter is in the retail environment, the #1 way to keep cost down is through payroll. If they don't see lots of profit, they balance the books by decreasing the number of man-hours allowed to staff the store. That is also something that is "corporate policy" and not controlled by the individual establishments. Believe me- we would LOVE more help!

3- Drive thru windows.
Did you know that ( and I have asked around about this) most drive-thru lanes have bells/buzzers that go off as you drive up? That there is no need to push the one at the window. That is there strictly for emergencies, or if someone does not acknowledge your presence within a reasonable length of time. Please, for our sanity ( hearing bells go off all day long is taxing to one's mental health!) give us a chance to get to you! If there is no one at the window when you drive up, they are probably busy working somewhere near! Thank you!

4- Shopping on a holiday.
One of the many "pet-peeves" of those of us in the service industry. Now by working in said industry, we realize we will have to work holidays. That just comes with the jobs. But the stickler here is those of you who shop on those days, and say "Gee, I'm so sorry you have to work on *insert your holiday here*! " The truth of the matter is, if you all did not shop on those days, we would probably not be there. The old "supply & demand" theory again. There are always emergency needs of course, and that is understandable. We would just rather get on with the job at hand, so we too can go home to family and friends. Thank you anyway!

(this is where I'll probably add more as I get ideas from co-corkers)

I am sure there of some of you out there who will be able to add to this list. I am sure it not complete by any stretch of the imagination. These are just some of the things that come up in talking to some of my fellow retail workers. And some of you will call this an exercise in "whine-ology". But the truth of the matter is, I hope by stating this we can all understand a little more. I really do enjoy my job or I would not still be there after all this time. People for the most part, are wonderful. But if these few words make it easier for all of us- why not?


So- am I crazy? Does this make sense to any of you? Do you think I should send it in and see what happens? I've been "jonesing" to do this for years now, and I sat down the other day to see what I could come up with. I will OF COURSE ask that my name not be printed, as I don't want the corporate wonks at my workplace to know it's me. That would probably get me into some serious hot-water! But I'd like to know what you all think of what I wrote- and please be honest!

Now, off to Curves I go!
Peace and Love, KC!

P.S.- If you have anything to add to my "letter"- let-'r-rip! I'd love some additional input!

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