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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cross your fingers!!!

The "Geek Squad" called last nite- my computer is ready for pick-up.
Now I just have to bring it home and see just how much is left on the thing! Do you think that they could have fixed that whole "system recovery" problem?

Cross your fingers- I'll be back later when I see what's left!
Peace, KC

**8 pm Edit**

Well, it's back and working! But- I've lost everything I had on my computer- files, programs- ALL OF IT!
I can get most of it back ( except for the stuff I bought off ITunes- I'll have to "re-buy them" ) But worst of all is all the e-mail addresses and such. I had all of your snail mail addresses on here as well. So I'm gonna join Rhonda in the request for your help with this. Those of you who got/get cards and stuff from me, could you e-mail me your addresses? And those of you that I just e-mail- could you just send me a "hi" e-mail, that way I can get all of them back? I had them all printed out during all the hurricanes, but I've lost that list and I think it must have been thrown away somewhere along the line.

And I'm going to have to spend a day just uploading all my graphics, pictures etc. But I'm at least back up, online, and can see you all clearly!

Gonna be a busy weekend on this computer for me! Oh and I lost all my funnies- so if you have any spare ones lying around ;-)

Peace and Love- KC!

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