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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not Funny


That is the story of my "on-line" life right now. I have done everything I can think of ( including buying a new one) to get this POS to recognize a mouse. It won't! PERIOD! So in order to "surf"- I must tab my happy-butt around the websites. Which, if you think about it is not easy. Heck, I can't even get onto Darren's site- you need a mouse to get in there! ( You can only get to his personal profile without a mouse- try it!) And some sites ( like melodicrock.com ) have SOOO many links that I have to tab myself to death to get anywhere! I keep telling myself that at least I can GET THERE- but it's still frustrating.

Another biotch is this darn screen. Pixel-HELL is what it is. Pictures are almost impossible to see- and don't even start on any kind of moving graphics! I have tried 7 ways from Sunday to get this stupid thing to adjust- but NOOOOOOOO! And I can't "cut-n-paste". No photobucket, no Jokes, nada! So just frustration. Never mind that when I type here, the screen keeps flipping like that old black 'n white tv I grew up with back in the day! *sigh*

Well, ASIDE from that- everything here is ok. Work is still a pain, and the story keeps getting stranger and stranger. "D" has actually told Julie ( our other pharmacist) that she thinks someone is "sabotaging" the pharmacy! Paranoid- no? Jeez, just because someone makes an admittedly stupid mistake ( I wasn't there on the day, so it could not have been me!) She thinks someone is out to make us look bad?! Shit- she's the worst offender when it comes to that! But she's been saying how she wants out of there ( PLEASE!) and Doug is more than happy to come back to us, now that he has his license. And we get on with him just fine! Now it just has to HAPPEN- AND before one of us goes "voodoo" on "D"'s ass ( and after yesterday- it could be me!)

I managed to get a killer video coming home from work last night. But alas, it will be some time before I can post it. A sunset on one side, with a killer thundercloud going off on the other. Goes with the saying we have down here: "If you don't like the weather- wait 5 minutes, it'll change!"

Well, I cna't stand looking at this screen flip anymore. I'm planning on getting to the library tomorrow- So perhaps I'll be able to post something more interesting. And to think I'd been working on a cool graphic for this blog's 2 year anniversary ( which is Friday, btw) But it's somewhere in "geek-hell", and I'm stuck watching the bouncing screen!

Have a great week all!

Peace and Love, KC!

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