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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


About being MIA here. It just seems like lately I've had no energy. None. I go to work, come home and crash. Just getting by on the basics- eat, sleep ( not enough though!) and work. And even that's been hard. My legs have been giving me major fits the last week or so. Even with the new sneakers, and taking time off due to my ankle ( which is much better now!)- I'm still aching half the night.

I did try to post yesterday, but due to "Alberto", every time I've been on this thing the last couple of days- the power's gone out! Doesn't bode well for the rest of the "rainy season" since all we really got here was some much-needed rain! Oh sure, it rained sideways a few times- but not what I would call "major" storms. I happened upon one of our friendly FPL ( which stands for Florida Power & Light- AKA Florida Pillage & Loot! ;-) ) guys working down the street. He said they knew there was a "weak link" somewhere in my neighborhood, and they were trying to find it so this wouldn't be a regular occurance. I mean, we get thunderstorms almost every day in summer- if they don't fix it- they will have a very angry neighborhood on their hands!

*** pauses now while "Rock On" is on VH1***

The video just ended- and on the credit wording in the lower corner- it said "NICKELBACK"???????
Someone at VH1 needs to get a new pair of glasses! Or a music lesson! JEEZ!

Ok, so tomorrow I go to the Insurance guy- and get all that straightened out. Other than that- I've got the day off. My cousins are still at Disney, and won't be back until late tomorrow night. So I plan on resting, and catching up around here with the cleaning. I'm doing the Friday closing/Sunday shift again this week. Which means I won't be here for Father's day. So Jon's gift from me is spending the whole day alone with his kids. I'm sure he'll think that's special ;-). I usually take him out to dinner/lunch. I guess maybe I'll do that on Saturday instead. So now I'd better get my rear in gear. I've got to get dressed ( yes, it's 10:30- and I'm still in my PJ's lol) and clean up the kitchen before work. At least I only work a 6-hr. shift today. My legs are still screaming from the 2- 9 hour shifts I've worked so far!
Or maybe I'll go check up on you all before I do. Or perhaps go watch the video again. God knows- I could stare at those guys all day!

Have a great "Hump-day" and I'll be back here tomorrow!

Peace and Love, KC!

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