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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, I'm trying here!!!

I've managed to get this old POS tower up and working. Though the screen is severely pixelated ( no- it will NOT adjust- POS!) and it refuses to recognize any of the mouses ( mice- meeces- whatever!) that we try to hook up! Which means I can get online, check my e-mail, pay my bills, and read *some* of the websites. But as I have none of my links here, it's darn near impossible. And of course, anything requiring a "mouse-click" is out of the question! But hey- I'm here! Oh, and there is the little matter of this stupid thing not letting me post on comments!? So you all will just have to know that I've been there via my ISP. At least until I can fix this further!

Well, here's what happened. We went to the BIL's house as usual. When we arrived home, Becky informed us that the "shelf" that holds the keyboard had come out, and while falling hit the tower. (No visable damage mind!) Since one of the "idiosycracies of said tower is a total hatred of dust- I figured that some had shifted inside to someplace it did not like. SOOOO- having had a couple of drinks that evening, I told Jon I would look at it in the morning.

Well, good-ol' hubby- he just couldn't wait until I got up to look at it. NOOOOO! He wanted to read his political blogs, and wasn't willing to wait! I don't know exactly what he did, but I woke up to him saying " How long does 'System Recovery' take?"
OMFG! No- he did not just say that! I asked him what he was doing, but of course, it was too late. AND THEN to add insult to injury- he backed out of SR in the middle! ( of course, this was right after I told him what he was doing to our computer!!) So then it was realized that he had truly killed the machine. Made for a very bad Father's day for him.

So I took the tower down to the "Geek Squad" ( whom I have a 3 year service plan with) and they've called back and said that the video card was shot- and possibly the whole thing needs to be replaced. The only good thing is that I would get that for FREE! So it's now a wait-and-see situation. I'm still trying to make this tower work better, but I'm not holding out any hope. This thing is almost 7 years old, and has been the kids "play" computer for ages! AND it has no antivirus/spyware/adware protection. I'm gonna try to get to my e-mail at the library instead- at least those computers are more protected.

All that being said- know that I'm here. And if I'm only a ghost around the web for awhile- bear with me until I've either gotten the tower back- or fixed this one up some!
At least I'm not totally isolated. God, you never realize how much you use one of these things until you don't have it huh?

Now, on to other things.
Kim and Rhonda- Thanks for the messages! You all really made me feel better- and not so "alone" :-)

And this whole Journey/live/Memorex thing is something huh?! I was caught up reading all about that Sat. afternoon, and had a whole "rant" worked up to post on Sunday. Needless to say.........

Michael- When is that show your in again? I'm gonna send my cousin down if I can to take pictures! ( If I do- I'll make sure she says hi!)

Steph- Come on down here to a show- We'll have a good time, I promise!!!

Robin- I left the JBJ boards for the same reason- to many teens with silly attitudes- YUK!
Kate- Loved the pics! ( although my screen right now sucks!) YOU LUCKY, LUCKY GIRL!!!!

Um, I've probably forgotten a few- but I'm trying! I promise I'll get to the library one of these days, and leave you all comments. In the meantime- know I'm keeping up as best as I can.

Have a great week ( what's left of it!) And I'll be back as soon as I can!

Peace and Love, KC!

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