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Thursday, June 29, 2006



Ok, so I've loaded most of the stuff back on here. Well, all but my son's/Jon's games and such- they can do that themselves. All that's left to do is ITunes. And since I need to do some prep-work before I go that route- that will have to wait until I'm off that week of the concert. And behold- when I bought my new addy book, I managed to put all ya'all's snail-mail addresses in there. So I don't need to have you re-send them. If I'm missing any- I'll contact you directly. But I do still need e-mails. That's something I didn't save ( MY BAD!) I do have a few- mostly the ones that I have on my cell phone ( Kim, Rhonda, Kat, Alex etc) So if you want- send me a quick e-mail just in case. If not, when I get them all loaded, I'll try and post the "missing" ones here.

I know one thing for sure. As soon as I get everything back up here- I'm gonna do a back up dvd(s). This has DEFinately been a lesson well learned! I just have to figure out HOW to do them. So if any of you have any hints on that score- let me know! I just know that this thing won't feel fully comfortable until I have everything back to normal.

But one cool thing is- there's absolutely NO CRAP on here! Starting from scratch has eliminated all the junk that I may/may not have downloaded while I still didn't know what I was doing. And doing a virus scan takes about 2 minutes- instead of the 15-20 it took before!

But I'm glad to have this thing up and running. Nice to see clear pictures and video's again! So I'm off to check up with you all!

Peace and Love, KC!

P.S.- Still don't have anything for tomorrow- you know- FUNNIES????? ;-)

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