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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yes- I'm still here!

I've just been busy with life- as it were! And work, family- geez, you think I need a life or something ;-)

Well, what's new in my world. Not a whole lot. Mom's putting up a fuss about the radiation treatments. She's under the impression that she doesn't need it! "They got the cancer out, right- so why should I need all these treatments & Dr.s and such!" Geez, Mom- you think maybe, just maybe- if they've missed ONE CELL- and that CELL could multiply- that you might want to KILL IT????????? She's been complaining about having to go there every day for a month ( minus the weekends of course) just to "put money in some dr's pocket" ??????????????? I swear- she just doesn't understand the possibilities here. And she won't listen to me about it ( Surely- I can't possibly understand, now can I?!) After everything she saw me go through last year- she should by all rights be scared shitless! But not HER! It's just an inconvenience to her life, but not one she really wants to deal with!
Michael,can I borrow your Carp- someone down here needs a beating!!!

One of the problems/perks with living down here now, is that everywhere you look there are programs/articles about hurricanes. And how to prepare for them. As June 1st started the season, we've been bombarded with info, some of which has caused some tension here. I mean, do we have our house insured ENOUGH? Should we stay here if one hits, or should we run ( Not that there is anywhere down here that's "safe"- we'd have to go clear to Georgia probably!) And even at work, there are papers we're required now to fill out. With all our contact info- where would we go, our various phone #'s, could we work right after/before- do we have kids, pets, elderly in our household that may require special attention. I basically told Mr. P that it depended on how bad the storm was. If it was the size of say- Katrina or Andrew- We're out of here! Otherwise, we'd probably ride it out at home. Or go somewhere inland further. I don't know how they'd expect us to be able to committ to something like that before we see what we're up against? I am going to call our insurance guy though. I don't think we have enough on this house to rebuild if it should blow over. Not at today's prices at any rate!( I just looked, it's what I would call "borderline"- It would probably be enough, but I'll still want it increased. We saw how prices went through the roof last time- no pun intended!)

Well aside from that, and my house in a constant state of "messy" I don't have a lot more to say today. I did manage to get a video ( small though it may be) uploaded:

I know it's small, but I didn't realize I had the camera on the wrong setting until I got home. And since I was driving while shooting, I couldn't fuss with it too much!

I'm closing tonight, then opening tomorrow ( I hate that! But at least I'm working with Julie, and not "D"!) So I'm going to go check on you all, and get ready for work. Hope you all are having a good week!
Peace and Love, KC!

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