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Thursday, July 27, 2006

13 Days

And my kids will be back in school. Which means I've been spending a crap load of my downtime shopping. Which I don't really enjoy on a normal basis ( especially if it involves something for me!) And even less when you've got a cranky, uninterested 12 year old boy with you. I knew I was in trouble the minute I heard " Oh, God- shopping with 4 women! Just my idea of a good time!" coming out of his mouth. ( Mom was with us- she who has the discount at the dept. store) Becky will not wear anything but jeans. Andy will wear anything BUT jeans! Kimmie has to have all sorts of sparklies, designs, logos on her clothes. Becky is too short for most clothes- Kimmie too tall. And Andy will not try anything on! " looks good- I'll take it!" is his motto. Which is a hard thing to do when he's in that "growing 2 inches a month" stage of his life! Can you see why, along with work and household chores, I just haven't had the will/energy/strength to blog????

E-bay offering- buy 2 kids get the third free!

Anywho, that has been my life the last week or so. And I had to go to a meeting Saturday morning that saw me up and out of the house at 6am. Why do they have these things so far away and so early??? Got back around 12:30, went to the grocery store, and crashed! Then worked through to yesterday, when the afore mentioned shopping spree took place. But at least ( with the exception of the oddball stuff- see post below) I'm done with school prep. Just have to get Becky registered next Thursday. Which better go smoother than last year- or I just might loose it! They had signed her up for Spanish 2- and she had FAILED Spanish 1??!! Took 4 hours waiting around to get that fixed. Not the idea of a good time.

Work is going better. "D" has finally figured out that if she just bends alittle, and gets the darn Rx's done first, we'll be happier and do all her crappy paperwork and what I call "chickenshit" work. At least we've not had a customer complaint in almost 2 weeks. And that my friends, is good! She's also started rotating the duty stations again- which means I'm not stuck on register all day/everyday. I hear Mr. P. talked to her while I was on vacation that week, and this is the result. Don't really care- just glad it's back to what it's supposed to be. And so is everyone else! So for now- peace is back in "hell-central". I'll see how long it lasts.

Other than those things, just the same old, same old here. I'm taking a long weekend for Labor day weekend ( Sept. 1-4) since my anniversary is the 1st. I was hoping to be able to get away for a few days, but I don't think it's gonna happen. The problem with this family is that it's 5 people. You just can't book any old hotel with that many. 4 yes- but not 5. Not even if one of them ( Andy) is fine sleeping on a cot, or even a sleeping bag ( that boy can sleep anywhere!) So I'm limited to suites or booking 2 rooms. Which I don't like to do- I don't feel right having my kids in a separate room. Too much worry on Jon and my part. I was looking at Key West or St. Augustine, but with both the price of a suite is just too high for me to justify. So I guess we'll just hang close to home, and goof around here. Becky wants to paint her room, but the problem is she wants to paint it Black with purple trim! And since Kimmie shares the room......

*Sigh* Children, gotta love them.
(Remind me to ask my doctor about that Prozac prescription next time I go! lol!)

Until tomorrow- that is *IF* I get some jokes in the mail........ ;-)

Peace and Love, KC!

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