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Monday, July 17, 2006

Well, MY BAD

For not getting to this Saturday. But as I've mentioned- I lost all of my
files on this thing, and for some strange reason ( old timer's disease
not doubt!) I could have sworn it was the 25th, not the 15th! Better

late than never though-

Happy Birthday Kim! Hope you had a good one sweetie!

Well, I got everything done that I wanted to. My closet is now a true
"walk-in" closet, with everything organized and neat. It's amazing
to me how much "stuff" I had stored in there- most of which I didn' t
really need. I used to be a world-class packrat, but I've learned over
the years that that's not a good thing. I mean, why would I need a
purse that I haven't liked or used in 3 years? And I'm never going
to wear those shoes again- so why let them take up space. And
despite my deepest wishes/desires- I got rid of all those jeans
whose size I will probably never be again. ( hell, if I ever lose that
much weight- I'll gladly buy new ones anyway!)

I also managed to go through all those pictures that I had stashed.
God- what a few revelations that brought about! I know I've always
had a "picture" in my mind of what I looked like. I've never been
skinny, not even close ( which only proves that while Becky may
have my face- she does NOT get her body from me!) But I looked
at a lot of those old photos and thought- " Holy SHIT- What was I thinking? I was NOT FAT back then!" Actually, I'd probably give my left....er... (nevermind- hehehe) to look that way again! You all
should do that sometime. I guess we never see ourselves in quite
the same light as we should.

So today I have to go back to " hell central". I wonder what lovely
things happened while I was gone? Should be interesting, for at
least a few hours.
And since I was "jolted" awake by a large sonic boom this morning,
should be interesting to see how my nerves play out!
( Shuttle landing- for those who care!)

One other "rant" before I close this post out. For those of you with
school-aged children: Do you have to buy all the "crap" as well? I
mean- between Andy and Kimmie ( Becky will not get her "supply
lists" until she goes to school) I have to buy:
4 boxes Kleenex
8 tennis balls ( used on chair feet to keep the class quiet, I'm told)
6 boxes baby wipes
4 boxes Zip-lock bags
2 headphones (?)
4 spiral art notebooks
4 large bottles hand soap/hand sanitizer
and a partridge in a pear tree ( not really, but you get my drift!)
This ON TOP of the usual 10 pounds of paper, pens, crayons, etc.
I know I'm talking "ancient history" here- but back when, I had to
bring a notebook, some paper and a couple of pens/pencils. Not to mention ( though I am!) that I can't just buy a bunch of folders.
They MUST be certain colors! Jeez- could someone please tell
me just what all those school taxes are paying for? 'Cause I know
it's not the teachers salaries- I have several friends who are teachers-
and believe me, it ain't their pay!
I will probably have to shell out over $150 dollars for supplies,
and that's BEFORE I even see if they fit their school clothes! Scary!

Okay, off that rant for the moment. I'm sure I'll come back to that
in a few weeks, since school down here starts the second week of
August. That's a bad month money-wise for me. Kids in school,
Jon's birthday ( along with his twin sister!) Car tags, registration
fee for the daycare ( which I have to put Kimmie back in, since
Becky gets out of school almost 2 hours after the other 2 do!)
6 good numbers- I just need 6 good numbers!
Have a great week all!
Peace and Love, KC!

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