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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Better days

At least, I'm gonna make it to work ;-)
Jeez, I don't know what hit me, but I'm glad it's over! I feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat. The muscles in my back, ribs and legs are sore as hell, but I'll live.

I'm sure I'll get some crap from "D" about calling out yesterday, but I could not have made it in. Heck, Becky was the one to call me in sick, since I could not lift myself off the bathroom floor/camode to get the phone! Let her stew on that if she wants!

I've been spending some time surfing the web looking for computers. And while I'd really like a Mac or a Sony ( former- well, mostly lap-tops looked good, the latter- WAAAY TO PRICY!!!) - it looks like we'll probably be getting another HP. The local Best Buy has a good one on sale. And that with my Reward's card, and their in-store service ( which we all know has saved my arse this past year!) makes it a good deal all around. We'll then have to have the debate as to which computer goes in the living room for the kids, and which is the "main" computer in the bedroom. I'm gonna vote that the new one gets put in here. Even though this one is not "Wi-Fi" equiped, I think the kids ( especially Kimmie!) Should get the older pc. I mean, I don't want the "good" computer to be abused right off the bat!

Another thing I've got to research is this whole "Wi-Fi" thingy for my house. I know I said before that I would get the "Geeks" to come hook us up, but Jon is not so keen on spending the monies. So I'm gonna do some reading up and see if I can do it myself. Don't worry- I won't let try to do it on his own lol! If anyone knows how this is done, please e-mail me with instructions. Or at least lead me to a site that explains it. I don't know too many "tech-savy" people that I could ask to give a hand around here. Lately, I'm the one that gets asked all the "techy" questions! ( Scary- I know!!!) But any help you all could give would be greatly appreciated! ( I've also got to check with my cable service- perhaps they'd help out??)

Well, I've got to get myself cleaned up and out the door. I'm off the next 2 days since Jon has to go out of town for some seminars. I'll try to work on this blog while I'm home. I've really neglected my sidebar horribly these last months. Which is understandable, since I did most of that stuff while I was home on disability, and had all the time in the world! Yup, I think this thing is DEFinately in need of some "cleaning up!" I'll be around, if you want to chat! Until then....

Peace and Love, KC!

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