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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here we go again!!!! :(

Just when you thought you were safe- AKA- How the winds doth shift!!

Apparently, we're looking to get Ernesto by the end of the week. They are already telling people to leave the Keys, they've closed the Everglades Nat'l park, and talking about rolling back the shuttle to the VAB.
Shit- and guess when my vacation starts- YUP! Thursday! Well, as it stands now, it will pass far enough north of me that I don't think we'll have to "board-up". But it's already shifted from going straight up the gulf to a big turn to the east. So Mother Nature only knows where this darn thing will actually land/turn. And to think I was saying to Jon only a day or so ago that I hoped it didn't hit NOLA, that's they'd seen enough for a few years!

Be careful what you wish for- right?
Only good thing is- at least I didn't book that mini-trip to St. Augustine this coming weekend! Or Tampa Bay! So my "6th sense" must have been working.
I'd better get back to my laundry. I may not have any power by the end of the week to do it then. *SIGH*!

Peace, Love and clear skies to all!

Update, Monday evening
Well, the darn thing is not going away. As a matter of fact, it seems to want to come straight for us! At least by the time it gets through south Fla to where I am, it should be just a tropical storm. It all depends on how long it hangs out in the waters between Cuba and Miami.
Jon has already said that he will NOT let me go to work in a Tropical storm, but I don't know how well they'll take that at work. Here's hoping it's either strong enough to warrent me calling in- or mild enough not to care!
Either way, I'll be here tomorrow night. Keep your fingers crossed for all of us down here. Couldn't hurt- you know ;-)

Peace, KC!

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