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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hear that? That's the sound of silence. School has started, and here I sit in a clean, quiet house- YEE HAW!!!!
( Sorry- had to get that out of my system!)

Well as you know, I had to send this computer to the Geek Squad for "repairs" again. I/they thought that the hard drive had gone bad. Well, I got a call yesterday morning telling me it was ready for pick-up?! Wow I thought, that was a quick fix! Little did I know that there was NOTHING wrong with this thing. Apparently, Jon had put a floppy disk in, which caused the system to stop working? I had no idea about this ( Hell, I didn't even know we HAD any floppy's around anymore- we use CD's to back everything up!) And that even had the Geek's stumped. When I went there last night, they all gathered around to tell me ( while chuckling profusely!)how it took them 3 hours, and tearing this thing apart, before they figured out it was the darn floppy! I told them I felt like a fool, and the one guy said "Well, think how WE feel?! We're the ones that are supposed to know all about this stuff! You are now a member of the 'stump the geeks' club!" But at least they said, I now know that everything on this computer is running perfectly. They even ran full diagnostics on every part, and scanned thoroughly for any virus/adware/spyware/trojans that may have been on here. And was complemented for the fact that my system was "well taken care of". They were very nice about it actually. But we're still going to get another computer. I'm sick to death of worrying about this thing going down. Now we just have to figure out how to "wi-fi" two computers. We may just have the "geek's" come over to do that for us. It's a little pricey ($159) but at least we'll know it's done right, and securely.

Other than that, life goes on here. "D" is on vacation, which would normally afford us a little relaxation. But the "subs" that have been in are causing some problems. And yesterday, one of the other techs called out. Which meant is was just me and the Pharmacist alone until 1 pm! So my feet were screaming by the time I got home. Normally, I'd just sit and rest, but with school starting today- I had so much to get done last night. Sorting all the supplies to the appropriate back-pack ( which I left because I know Kimmie would not have been able to leave it alone if I'd done it earlier!). So this morning, I'm just going to surf and relax. I work the closing shift tonight ( with our regular Pharmacist Julie!!) and then "off" tomorrow. I put that in quotes because I have to take my car down to the dealership. Seems one of my "new" tires has a slow leak in it *sigh*. Then I have a lunch "date" with Devon. She's in town for the week, and we've yet to catch up since the DL concert. Should be a good time!

So I'm off to catch up! One thing from you all- Since we ARE going to get a new computer, I'm leaning towards an HP. It's what this one is, and it's what I know. But if any of you have any suggestions to the contrary, let me know ;-). I asked the "Geeks" which ones they thought were the best, and they said all of them were pretty equal in reliability these days. Only in "lap-tops" did they see any difference. And there they'd all go with Sonys. So any advice.............

Have a great "hump day" all!
Peace and Love, KC!

P.S.- OOOOHHHH I almost forgot- if you use "google" as your seach engine/opening page, go here: http://awesomestart.com/defleppard/
I had people on the forum voting, and we got it! And fast according to Becky. She said it usually takes MONTHS for them to get a new one up! Looks pretty cool too!
Peace- OUT! KC

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