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Friday, August 25, 2006

Nice end to a Boring Week!

First, a very special birthday:

Happy Birthday, Vivian Campbell. A great guitarist, with a wonderful smile, and a great last name ( just had to say that!)
Have a great time rockin' tonight- I'm sure the guys will make it special for you ;-)

I've been on here alot this week, just trying to unwind from the stress ( see next paragraph!) But I've been spending a bit of time reading the forums over at Melodicrock.com. The Journey forum there has some really interesting charactors! I've also been on the DL forum, although not as busy as Journey's. ( Rhonda & I have beeen defending our guys there!) Check them out- some of those people are WAAAYY to involved- but it's a cheap thrill!

Aside from the normal stuff, this week has been basically crap. "D" and I were both together alone Tues. night and Weds. Tuesday wasn't bad ( we're not really busy after about 7pm.) But Weds. was a total clusterf*ck! We both opened ( after closing the night before- RE: tired as all crap!) only to find out that the other tech due in that morning had called out sick . Which is fine- I mean, she was really sick! But that meant that "D" and I had to work alone- just the 2 of us- until 2 PM!!!!!! No break, no help- NADA! And with her penchant for staying in her little "space", I had to type, handle the registers, fill, deal with the problems- ALL BY MYSELF! I mean, god forbid she should help out typing or ringing up the customers!! She's "above that" you know. HRUMPF! I was so tired and pissed by the time I left weds., I came home and literally fell asleep withing 10 minutes of sitting down! One more day like that and I think there's going to be a "come-to-god" talk with my superiors! I got the heck out of management so I didn't have to "kill myself" at work. Wednesday was proof that something is really, really wrong there!!!!!

Ok, off my rant now- I just had to let that out! Well, it's Friday now ( thank goodness!) and I have my normal giggle to impart to you all: This one is from our "own" Hippy Chick!

Subject: the wedding night...

Mike was going to be married to Karen, so his father sat him down for a little chat. He said, "Mike, let me tell you something.
On my wedding night in our honeymoon suite I took off my pants, handed them to your mother and said, 'Here try these on
She did and said, 'These are too big! I can't wear them.'
I replied, 'Exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I always
will! Ever since that night we have never had any problems.
"Hmmm," said Mike. He thought that might be a good thing to try.

On his honeymoon, Mike took off his pants and said to Karen, "Here try these on. "She tried them on and said, "These are too large. They don't fit me." Mike said, "Exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I always will. I don't want you to ever forget that."

Then, Karen took off her pants and handed them to Mike.
She said, "Here you try on mine." He did and said, "I can't get into your pants." Karen said, "Exactly. And if you don't change your smart ass attitude, you never will."

Me here- Gotta love that Woman!!

One more- From a friend at work!

Cough Syrup

The owner of this drug store walks in to find a guy leaning heavily against a wall.The owner asks the clerk "What's with that guy over there
by the wall?" and the clerk says "Well, he came in here this morning to get something for his cough. I couldn't find the cough syrup, so I
gave him an entire bottle of laxative." The owner says "You idiot! You can't treat a cough with a bottle of laxatives!" The clerk says "Of course you can!
Look at him; he's afraid to cough!"

Have a great weekend. I'll be here! Hopefully I'll get a chance to post sometime this weekend!

Peace and Love, KC!

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