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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well, here I sit...

Waiting for whatever! I don't think "Ernesto" is going to be anything major, but just in case- we spent a good hour bringing in all our "loose stuff" from outside. My fairies and figurines that dot my gardens, bird feeders and baths, and all the other stuff that *may* turn into projectiles should the winds pick up. I don't think that it will get THAT bad, and we're not boarding up the windows. The big question is whether or not I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm due in at 11am, which is right about the time that the winds are supposed to hit. If they do- Jon doesn't want me driving in them, let alone trying to get home in that mess. But the store will be open, and I'm expected to be there......

This all comes from another "tropical storm" that went through here some years ago. It wasn't bad wind-wise. But because of the amount of rain, I was stranded at the store for 12 HOURS! Couldn't get home because all the roads were flooded. Jon doesn't want that to happen again, so there in lies the problem. So I told them at work that it would have to be a "wait-and-see" sort of situation. Not to mention, the schools are all closed tomorrow ( understandably!) and I don't want to leave the kids alone with all this weather coming through. ( Jon is supposed to go into work, but he may come home early).

Anyway- just thought you all would want to know what's up! Now I wished I'd started my vacation a day earlier. At least then, I wouldn't be sitting here wondering if I should or shouldn't...

Peace and Love, KC!

P.S.- Those with my cell- If I loose power, you'll get a message from me!

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