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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Good!

November 5- TD Waterhouse- ORLANDO FL!

YIPPEEEEE!!!! Now I have to convince the Hubby to let me go again. And to find someone to go with/ride with. I know he won't let me drive over there alone ( or more to the point- drive HOME after!) It would be crazy on my part anyway! It's not the "straight-shot" that the venue in Kissimmee was. The Waterhouse is smack-dab in the middle of downtown. Which means the usual traffic getting out, plus about an extra 1/2 hour drive. But I don't care. I want 5-star tickets, and I want front row!!! I am pleasantly surprised that they are playing this venue though. It's a big place ( the Magic play there!) and Not a venue I thought they would concider. I mean- the BIG names play there- Green Day, Clapton, Eagles, Stones. You know-the ones that are selling out all over. I've already contacted that DJ I love- to let him get the word out! Let's hope they sell the place out. It'd be nice to say that they could!

The Bad
Rhonda had mentioned her iPod playlist on her blog. Well, I took a look at MY top 25 this morning. (I know- I should have been heavily medicated first but...... ;-) ) This is what is shows:

The Corrs??? Ok, so I like the Corrs- no shame in that. But as with Rhonda- my absolute favorite song- "Where does Love Go When It Dies" comes in at 4th??????? Not right I tell you! And while DL figures prominantly in my top 25- not quite WHERE I thought they would be! So I obviously have someone messing with mine as well. Becky- are you messing with my iTunes? Stick with your own library G/F! lol!

The Ugly
Well, we got the news we wanted. It seems that "D" will be with us for just a few days more. Mr. P has seen to it! He finally got our Pharmacy supervisor to the store, sat his arse down and said that- And I quote- "She's chased away 1/2 our customers, and if we don't do something soon, she'll manage to chase away the rest of the staff back there. I'm not losing the best pharmacy staff in south county- because of her incompetance!!! She's playing one person off the other, and 3 of them have either left the store in anger ( that would be me folks!) or in tears. Get her out of my store, or I'm taking it up the ladder!" ( up the corporate ladder that is- in other words- over this guy's head! Which is procedure, but not one the supervisor wants!!!) She doesn't know about the switch- he told us all in confidence. I know I just have to deal with her until the end of the week- she'll be told about the switch either Thursday or Friday. The guy they're bringing in is from another store. I've worked with him before, and I know that while he may not be another "Major Tom"- he's damn-sure better than "D"! So it's back in "wait-and-see" mode. I had already put out feelers to 2 other stores in the area ( that I was looking to get out of there!) So if he doesn't work out- I have options. I'd just hate to leave a store where I know 3/4th of the customers by name. And they know me as well. But I'm at a point with this company that I just don't care to go through all that stress. I got out of management because of it. Stress killed my Dad at the age of 52- I'm NOT following in his footsteps. Sorry Dad- that's just the way it plays for me. I intend to watch Kimmie's kids grow up. So that's where it stands now. At least you all won't have to listen to my rants about "D" anymore! That alone is cause for celebration. Too bad I work the night shift tonight lol!

Well, that's it for now. Jeez- I finally had a whole bunch of stuff to post about! Scary ain't it :P!

Peace and Love to all!

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