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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Timing is everything

At least, it is with me lately. While I said that I wanted to go the 5* for the Orlando concert, I'm afraid I've had to come to some "grown-up" decisions. I WILL be going- but I'm using the fan club pre-sale instead.
1- The ticket costs. I have found out in the last few days that the person I *thought* would give me a ride to the concert ( therefore relieving me of buying 2 tickets at the ILAA costs) is now not so sure he can go. His father has been ill, and is having major surgery tonight. I just can' pressure him on this at this time- nor would I think to.

2- THAT ride situation. IF I can't get a ride with someone, I'll have to take someone with me. Which means probably Becky. Which means the cost of 2 tickets. Which means that the $275 per is just not doable right now. Yes, I have the money per se, but Christmas is coming, and I'm not going to be able to justify to hubby ( or myself for that matter) spending $550 on a concert that technically I've already seen this tour. 1 ticket- yes. 2 tickets........... :(

3- Timing. The ILAA presale starts today at 3 pm. I will be at work, and with no internet access until at least 8pm, so it just won't happen ( though I thank you for your offer Kim!!!!). The fan club pre-sale starts at 10am this morning, so I can do that myself before work. And if the worst happens, and I can not make the show- I won't be out so much money. So that's what I'll do.

I'll still take the ride if it comes. Mr. P still wants to take the wife and kidlet ( he is the one who's father is ill). But until he has the time/money/peace to make that decision, I can't in all good conscience bug him on it. And I hate to bug Scar and Sha- they have their own lives to live. I'm still hoping perhaps I can convince someone else to go with me. Perhaps another co-worker ( I've heard of a couple that would be interested- but I haven't pursued it due to the other stuff). So I'll be here at 10am, buying hopefully really good seats. At least there is ONE thing I'm sure of- It'll be a great show! Cross your fingers for me!!!

As for the rest of life- it's been pretty good. "G" is our new manager, and so far it's going good. He's basically just getting a feel for the store before he makes some suggestions on anything he'd like to change ( UNLIKE "D"- who came in changing everything the first week!!) I'm sure we'll all get on- he's been a manager for awhile now, so he knows what's what. It's still too early to judge whether or not this will work out, but at least it's going smoother than when "D" took over. That alone is cause for celebration!!!

Well, I have a few things to do this morning before work. I just thought I'd touch base with you all, and let you know what's up! I'm off the rest of the week- so you know I'll be back :-)

Peace and Love!

P.S.- Did you know ( and I just noticed this in the e-mails) that the Journey fan's presale starts 3pm EDT- And ours starts at 10am EDT. That means we get first dibbs on the tickets! COOL BEANS!!

Section F1 ( front center!) Row D, #36 & 37
Front section, 4th row, about center as best as I can tell!!!!

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