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Monday, October 30, 2006

One long- arsed weekend!

And me just shot. I don't what it is with me lately. I just don't have any energy. By the time I'm done working, all I can think about is to just sit down and relax. I'm not even getting some of the housework done. Not that my home is a complete mess, but it's been better. I just seem to be keeping up with the "necessities", and not doing alot of stuff that really should get done. BLAH!
I had more energy while I was on Chemo for goodness sake! And since I work straight through to Weds. ( worked yesterday) I don't see any energy coming to me soon. Hopefully I'll come out of my rut come next weekend- I have a "date" with some good looking Brits

Well, Becky's project got done. And as I predicted, it took a whooping hour to do it! ( I love Google Earth!!) And she's gotten most of her afore mentioned stuff back. But her TV apparently has decided to die on us. Along with our microwave oven. And this computer tower is starting to make grinding noises.....

SOOO- as all of this is happening, along with the season, I'm officially on a tight budget. No more buying my lunch, no taking the kids out for Saturday brunch- NADA! I will have to buy replacements for at least 2 of the above. And I had fully intended to get at least another desktop for the livingroom for the family for X-mas. I'm not going through any more " computer-emergencies" in this house again! Not to mention all the stuff the kids want from "Santa" this year. Jeez- they think I'm made of money- Wii's , laptops, computer games, more/bigger/better I-pods! Crap, even Kimmie wants stuff that is expensive! I've warned them all- if their list keep getting this expensive- the piles on Christmas morning are going to be more like little bumps! But I'd rather buy 2-3 really good/appreciated gifts, than a whole pile of "whatever's" that will only see the light of day on Christmas morning! So my last official "just for fun" thing this season will be the DL/Journey concert this weekend. Which,the more I think about it- the better I feel.

Heck, if the guys can't get this old rear of mine in gear- Who can?

Unless Hubby comes up with 6 REALLY good numbers Then all bets are off!!!!

So have a good week all! I'll probably be back here Weds or Thursday!
Peace and Love to all! KC!

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